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Our Durable unbreakable wine glasses offer a flawless finish that will amaze everyone with their close resemblance to glass. Perfect for use at resorts, swimming pools, boats and outdoor events, these unbreakable wine glasses can withstand up to 500 washes in the dishwasher and produce no residue.

Another advantage of these TRITAN and SAN glasses is that they can withstand all the knocks in the world, which makes them extremely necessary for mass attendance events.

At Monouso we offer a wide variety of designs which, if you wish, can be screen-printed to enhance the image of your business, brand, event, party or cocktail party.

  • Unbreakable: unparalleled durability
  • An uncanny resemblance to glass
  • Reusable
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Durables are not only hard plastic cups, they are practically the elite of reusable cups. They are unbreakable plastic cups of such high quality that, in addition to imitating the appearance of glass, they far surpass it in performance.

Durable reusable cups

This feat is possible thanks to materials such as SAN or TRITAN (co-polyester), new generation plastics. They provide a high quality finish, safety and resistance, lasting between 350 and 500 washes per piece, depending on the method of use and the type of product.

All this makes SAN or Tritan plastic glasses , for champagne, wine or gin and tonic, a perfect and advantageous solution for the hotel and catering sector, as the elements made with this material can be treated like any other piece of glassware. Thus, Durables glasses are the perfect choice for parties, large or intimate celebrations (with nervous guests!).

The unbreakable wine glasses for events will surprise all your guests with their crystal clear appearance, lightness and resistance. The same is true for unbreakable glasses for drinks or mixed drinks. Advantages for your customers, but also benefits for you when collecting: these glasses are much lighter and unbreakable and therefore less problematic to remove without causing casualties.

Looking for plastic wine glasses? In our category you will find dozens of models that will serve your purposes perfectly.

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