Plastic Champagne Flutes

Classic Plastic Champagne Glasses are designed to enjoy all types of champagnes, whether they are dry, fresh or light. Ideal for creating multi-storey fountains where the golden liquor descends to fill each service, our Classic Plastic Cups will add a touch of distinction to your event, as they can be purchased with the stem in different colors. These Disposable Champagne Glasses will allow you to feel the wonderful tingling of the bubbles on the tip of your tongue. 

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Classic Plastic Champagne Glasses are the most practical solution to enjoy pleasant champagne toasts in a perfect way. These Disposable Glasses are ideal for making a pyramid where the golden liquid cascades down to fill each Plastic Cup.

Made of crystal polystyrene, our Plastic Champagne Glasses combine the best attributes of glass and plastic. Because of this, our Disposable Champagne Glasses have a crystal clear appearance.

One of the most important features of these Plastic Champagne Glasses is their rigidity, so the concern about breakage and cuts can be eliminated from your head. In addition, after using them, you can easily dispose of the Classic Champagne Glasses, as they are Single Use Glasses, saving time and cleaning.

And if these are not the Plastic Glasses you need, at Monouso you can buy from Plastic Champagne Glasses, Plastic Water and Wine Glasses and Plastic Liquor Glasses, to elegant and economical Plastic Cocktail Glasses, Reusable Wine Glasses, Reusable Champagne Glasses and Reusable Gin Tonic and Cocktail Glasses. Not to mention the new range of Plastic Cocktail Bags and Plastic Ice Buckets.

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