Plastic Salad Bowls

The Plastic Salad Bowls are the ideal packaging to present your vegetable and fruit cocktails, as well as salads of all kinds and ingredients. These Disposable Bowls are perfect for chairing the table and for guests to serve themselves the amount they want. Made of polystyrene, with great rigidity and resistance, the Salad Bowls are ideal for hotel and restaurant businesses. We also have an extensive catalogue of these single-use salad bowls, from transparent, opaque or coloured, with or without a lid.

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Plastic Salad Bowls give your table space, instead of placing mini bowls for each diner, using a single Plastic Bowl for the diner to serve himself helps save space, time and money. Special Salad Serving Covers can be used so that each customer can enjoy their salad.

Made with the best materials to guarantee excellent quality, the Salad Bowls are the perfect disposable bowls to transport and preserve the food of your bar, restaurant, hotel or catering service.

Give a touch of distinction to your table with our Designer Salad Bowls, without a doubt the best Disposable Tableware to present your vegetable and fruit cocktails.  In MonoUso we have Plastic Bowls with Lids, Coloured Bowls, Designer Fountains and all kind of Plastic Salad Bowls. And if you are looking for other types of food packaging do not hesitate to consult our sections of: Plastic Containers, FOAM Containers, Cardboard Containers, Take Away Containers, Aluminium Containers or Sugar Cane Containers.

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