Paper French Fry Bags and Cups

Potato chip packaging is ideal to complete the presentation of your menu. In our catalogue you will find from boxes for French fries, cardboard packaging for fried food or anti-fat cones, different models for a common service. With several sizes to choose from, our Crisp Boxes are ideal for your fast food business. Our models fit your small, medium or large menu service.

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Potato chip boxes are ideal to present your product in a different and comfortable way for your customer. Therefore, at Monouso we offer different types of packaging for French fries, such as the Fry Box, the Anti-Grease Cone or the Closed Box for French fries.

Cardboard packaging for French fries will help to maintain the temperature and flavour of your product so that it does not lose its crispness. These Cardboard Fritters are the perfect complement for your Fast Food or Food Truck business. In addition, you can also have your Frito Container with your logo to personalize and differentiate yourself.  

And if you need other packaging for serving potatoes, don't hesitate to take a look at our Paper Bags for French Fries, their Anti-Grease Paper prevents the transfer of oil, and our Paper Cones for French Fries, we have several models such as Paper Cones for French Fries, Brown Paper Cones, Newspaper Cones, Cones with Sauce Tab and Envelopes for French Fries.

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