Accessories for Cups

Do you want to make the take away service in your cafeteria easier and safer? The comfort of your customers when drinking or transporting their drinks is a priority for every good hotelier. At Monouso we want your customers to have the best experience, that's why we want you to get to know all our accessories for glasses.

Cup holders to make transport more comfortable, covers to make the grip safer and more hygienic, lids to avoid spills, cup dispensers for perfect organisation and stirrers or stir rers to stir your coffees or infusions.

Buying cup accessories is essential to ensure an excellent customer experience.

  • For cups of different sizes
  • Convenient, practical and safe
  • Easy to transport and store
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Who wants coffee? A soft drink? Surely more than one person raises their hand and, if you have a take away service in your business, you must be prepared for it.

At Monouso we have original solutions for everything, which is why we have created this wide selection of cup accessories that will help your customers to transport their coffees comfortably and safely, and not only that, but also soft drinks, tea, infusions or any other drink you can think of.

Cup holders and cup trays: easier transportation

We know that any carelessness can lead to a spillage of the liquid in the glass. But don't worry, because we have solutions for all kinds of needs. Two coffees or four? With our convenient cup holders in cardboard, paper and plastic, in different shapes and capacities, you can transport as many cups as you want in the most comfortable way possible.

For coffee, soft drinks or ice cream, these cup trays with recesses are the easiest way to transport cups for home delivery. As well as cup slots, some of these trays have a space for carrying an extra part of the order, such as toast or pastries in the case of coffee, or something to nibble on if accompanying soft drinks or beers.

They are perfect for any establishment and any occasion!

Cup sleeves

Cardboard cup covers, also known as cup covers, adapt to the contour of the cups easily in order to insulate the heat given off by the hot beverage they contain and allow you to serve coffees without burning yourself.

And of course, so that your customers can take away their well-filled cup without hurting their hands. The most useful accessory when serving hot drinks! In addition, you can use the cup covers to provide an extra grip.

Cup organiser: tidy service at all times

If your workspace is cramped and every centimetre counts, the cup dispenser gives you more space and makes your work much more comfortable. You can easily access the glasses and you can also add lids to the dispenser.

The care and cleanliness of your premises is essential to give a good image to your customers. If you think you need to tidy up your business, the cup organiser is what you are looking for. A glass organiser is perfect for restaurant businesses, take away services, cafés, offices, self-service, catering, etc. It will allow you to keep your table clean, speed up your work and save time. It brings great advantages in the organisation of work and facilitates the work of employees.

Using a cup dispenser will help to reduce the possibility of your glasses falling because they have been placed incorrectly. You will also save space in the kitchen or wherever you decide to use it, as it is a way of keeping the space tidy and clear.

In this category you can find products such as our cup organiser made from bamboo, a very resistant natural material. It is a small investment that will last for a long time. With these utensils you can keep your business well organised and at the same time take care of the environment. All advantages!

Lids for cardboard cups and lids for plastic cups

The must-have accessory for any take-away drink glass. The cup lids are the accessory you need for your customers to safely transport any drink without spilling, sealing the cup perfectly.

Manufactured with quality materials to fit what you are looking for. At Monouso we have a large catalogue of tall lids, flat lids, dome lids, with or without holes, for plastic cups or for cardboard cups. They are adaptable to an infinite number of situations to provide your customers with comfort without spilling their drinks.

Wooden stirrers

And do you know what your customers prefer? Practical wooden stirrers for stirring both hot and cold drinks or the classic wooden spoons?

Stirrers, stirrers or spoons have the same function, so that you can enjoy your coffees, smoothies, teas, slushies or any other drink while stirring it to mix the different ingredients easily.

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