Plastic Sandwich containers

Try our Plastic Sandwich Packs! Carrying sandwiches without crushing is no longer impossible thanks to the Sandwich Pack with Clear Hinge Lid. Made of a transparent PET plastic material. This plastic container is ideal as a vending container.

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Sandwich Packs are made of PET, a lightweight material with high impact and corrosion resistance. Therefore, PET Sandwich Packs have an impact resistant structure. In addition, this Sandwich Box has a hinged lid. For these reasons, the Plastic Sandwich Box guarantees that the food is transported comfortably. Another advantage of the PET Sandwich Box is its crystal-clear appearance, so that the consumer can distinguish the products offered.

Plastic Sandwich Packs are ideal for take-away businesses and private individuals. They are also suitable as Vending Containers. We have different models of Sandwich Containers, from the Single Sandwich Container to the Two Sandwich Container, as well as other capacities.
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