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Here you will find all Cleanliness and Hygiene products, so you need Paper Rolls, or any other type of hygiene products, do not hesitate to visit this section – be sure you will take something with you!

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Hand sanitizers

Hygiene comes first and when it comes to hands even more so, as it is one of the main ways in which viruses and germs are transmitted. To avoid this, we recommend hand sanitizing gel, whose composition of antiseptic agents will help prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. In addition, this antibacterial gel will give your hands a soft and moisturizing sensation thanks to its enrichment with aloe vera.

Paper towel and hand soap dispensers

Having a soap dispenser, also known as a dispenser, is not just about convenience.

Soap bars, used by the vast majority of households, do not guarantee the hygiene of those who use them. They could also be a source of infection.

What happens when we wash our hands with a bar of soap? Often, especially when used by children, bacteria are transferred from the hands to the soap.

Do you want this to continue to happen in your family or workplace?

A simple and inexpensive solution may be to use soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.

These devices allow deep cleaning of the hands, without coming into contact with the soap, avoiding cross contamination.

In public places, such as bathrooms, restaurant and hotel kitchens, soap dispensers are a very useful tool.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are important for ensuring hand hygiene and disinfection. In this category you can find three types: stain removers (will keep you safe from any incident with food or drink), refreshing wipes (with a mild lemon smell) and disinfectant wipes (used to disinfect any part of the body). 


Tissues are the most convenient for facial care.  The properties of the facial tissues are specific for a correct cleaning of the face.

Commercial Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is essential for cleaning. For places where people pass through frequently, the industrial toilet roll is ideal.

When we talk about hotel, bakery or even home small businesses, cleanliness is crucial. From our website we offer an assortment of cleaning and hygiene products to maintain an impeccable hygiene: paper rolls (stretcher paper, toilet roll holder, hand dryer paper, chemine paper and dispensers ...) and paper towels (paper handkerchiefs, disinfectant towels, tissue towels).

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