Paper Towels

Hygiene is essential in any business, especially if it is a hotel, restaurant or catering business. Paper hand towels will help you keep your establishment clean and tidy.

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One thing that cannot be missing in your business is paper towels so that customers can dry their hands after washing them. This is a basic but indispensable product in any bathroom along with a liquid wall soap dispenser. 


Cleanliness and hygiene
Saving on paper
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These disposable paper towels are much more hygienic, as each customer will use one and not reuse the same one that has been used by another customer before. This will bring a sense of cleanliness to your business that the customer will appreciate. In addition, you will save a lot of time and money on cleaning because, once they use them, they will only have to throw them away in the container.

Don't be fooled!

Even though they are made of this material, our paper hand towels are very absorbent and resistant so that they do not fall apart when wet and leave your hands completely dry.

In addition, paper hand towels are much cheaper, so you'll save money. Their clever "Z" or "zig-zag" folding prevents them from breaking when pulled and ensures that they are dispensed one at a time, so you'll avoid waste and save on paper.

Although it looks like a simple and plain item, paper towels will give your business a high quality image and your customers will appreciate you thinking of them and taking care of them. 

We have different models of paper towels: in our web you will find them made from recycled cellulose, from 2 layers of ecological paper, made from two layers of tissue and paper towels. We also have hand sanitizing wipes. Choose the one you like best and adapt it to your needs.

You can also find a variety of colours: from white to blue paper towels.

Paper towels are intended for use in dispensers.

Pamper your business and your customers and don't forget to offer them this necessary and essential product.

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