Zipper Bag

Plastic zipper bags are your ally if you want to improve the organisation of your products in a simple way. Whether it's small or large items, this type of plastic bag won't let anything get lost.

  • Airtight closure: the ZIP will protect your products.
  • Different sizes to suit whatever you want to organise.
  • Made of PE: resistant, waterproof and easy to store.
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Uses of polyethylene zipper bags

Plastic ZIP bags are a very effective way of storing, organising and transporting items. They are very practical and versatile, as they can hold a wide variety of products: from small items such as earphones, to food (certified for food use) or large products.

At Monouso we have more than 20 different sizes of these ZIP log bags, so you're sure to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you want to store things in your own home, or if you have a business where you sell small products, this is your solution.

As for their use for foodstuffs, they are ideal for storing all kinds of solid foodstuffs both in fridges and in freezer chambers, as they are perfectly resistant to low temperatures. Freezing liquids is not recommended.

Their use is not limited to food, but extends to all kinds of items: tablets, cables, spare parts, jewellery beads, hardware, buttons, batteries, etc. It is, therefore, a very functional model that will never let you lose anything you want to put away.

Construction of plastic zipper bags

The ZIP closure is one of the most practical on the market. This system guarantees a quick and easy way to open the bags, which is combined with their airtightness, which allows the contents to be perfectly preserved once closed. They offer effective protection against water, air and low temperatures.

Polyethylene, the material from which these plastic zipper bags are made, is one of the most useful and versatile on the market. Their flexible structure allows them to adapt to different contents; they are resistant, so they won't break easily; and all this is complemented by the fact that they are recyclable, making them good allies of the environment.

After all this, what are you waiting for to start using polyethylene bags with ZIP closure? Also remember that our Customer Service team is always at your disposal to answer any questions or guide your purchases. We are waiting for you!

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