Zipper Bag

Zippered Plastic Bags are the perfect packaging for storing all kinds of products, including food. They are made of PE and therefore are flexible, resistant, waterproof and do not contaminate the contents. In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of sizes available: 200 (0.05 mm) and 300 (0.075 mm).

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Zippered Plastic Bags are a very efficient way of storing, organizing and even transporting items.  They are very practical and versatile plastic bags in which a wide variety of products can be stored and are also suitable for food use.

The closure is of the zip type, very easy, comfortable, safe and hermetic. It is a self-closing bag that perfectly resists low temperatures. Ideal for freezing and storing in refrigerators or chambers all kinds of solid foods such as vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. It is not recommended to freeze liquids because of the risk of possible spills.

In our transparent bags with closure you can see everything stored at a glance. This is the best way to keep your storage rooms tidy and preserve the integrity of all food products. Very useful for use in bar and restaurant kitchens, but also for home use.

Thanks to the self-closing system, they are highly recommended for storing products safely so that they do not get lost. Simply insert the items, slide your fingers through the zip and the Plastic Container closes tightly.

Besides food, in these Zippered PE Bags you can store everything: pills, cables, spare parts, jewelry beads, hardware items, buttons, batteries, needle kit spools and sewing thread.  This is a very functional plastic bag and its applications are diverse.

In MonoUso there are 23 different sizes available.  Enter and find the one that fits your needs. If you are looking for other types of Plastic Bags, we recommend that you take a look at the website. We have Zippered Plastic Bags with Writing Bands to clearly identify the stored contents, Self-sealing Plastic Bags with Pocket, Self-sealing Plastic Bags with Euro Drill and very resistant and waterproof, Polyethylene Bags without Zipper and much more.

In MonoUso there is a very extensive range of Plastic Bags for packaging, storage and transport. Everything you may need in your business or home, you will find it here.

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