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Hygienic wooden toothpicks

Have you ever been in a restaurant and had something stuck in your teeth that was impossible to get out? Surely the hygienic wooden toothpicks have been your salvation. A very simple product that, without any doubt, cannot be missing in any hotel and catering business.

  • Indispensable in bars, restaurants and cafés.
  • Perfect to serve with tapas
  • Mouth cleaning
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Perfect for an impeccable smile: Toothpicks

Toothpicks or toothpicks are very common in bars, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses in general. Originally, these wooden toothpicks were mainly used for oral hygiene. After finishing a meal, they were offered to customers so that they could remove the food that remained between their teeth.

Uses of wooden toothpicks:

  • Oral cleaning
  • Decorating small portions of food
  • Sticking small portions without staining your hands

Practical chopsticks for your tapas and skewers

And, although they are still used for this, other uses have gradually emerged. Wooden chopsticks can be great allies when it comes to skewering a canapé or tackling a bowl of olives. They are perfect so that at parties or events customers or guests can pick up a portion of food without touching the rest. They also have the added convenience of avoiding the use of cutlery, so you don't have to clean up when you're done.

On our website you will find all kinds of wooden interdental chopsticks, from round wooden chopsticks to chopsticks with rings at one end and one or two tips.

Why do some wooden chopsticks have rings at one end?

You may have noticed that there are some wooden toothpicks that have rings on one end. These wooden chopsticks are of Japanese design and are known as kokeshi-style chopsticks. On one side is the tip and on the other end are small rings. In the past, they may also have had other engravings and decorations, but these rings are not for decoration.

When we use disposable toothpicks and put them under pressure, it is normal for them to break. The broken toothpick is a clear and visible at first glance that it has been used, but in addition, the broken part with the rings allows us to rest the toothpick so that it can rest without touching the table.

Although they may seem like a simple and irrelevant object, toothpicks should also be part of the table, either for the convenience of poking a cheese taco or to save someone from an awkward situation.

Improve your customer service with a simple and inexpensive product!

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