Disposable SPA Clothing

Disposable underwear is one of the star products when it comes to hygiene, health and protection of intimate parts. To be modest is something of the most normal thing, for that reason in the centers of aesthetics and relaxation it is chosen to offer to the clients the possibility of covering his intimate parts with these Thongs, Panties and Disposable Boxer, this way they will be able to enjoy an agreeable massage or a special treatment of health without having to show his shamefulness.  In our range of special products for beauty treatments, you will also find Pressure Therapy Pants and Sneakers used especially in hotels, hostels, spas, health centers, hospitals or residences.


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From Monouso aesthetics we offer a wide range of thongs, both for women and men, and disposable boxers. Made of Polypropylene, this fibre fabric ensures that no substances are absorbed, so they always remain dry and free of particles. They have an adjustable strap, are of the highest quality and are totally breathable.

Cheap disposable aesthetics:
Disposable underwear is especially designed for use in beauty booths, beauty treatments, massage centres and spas, although it is also beginning to be used in surgical operations where embarrassment overcomes the patient. 


In our catalogue of disposable products for spas and esthetics, you will also find special trousers for pressure therapy treatments and slippers, home style, which are usually used in luxury hotels, residences, spas and spas.


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