Disposable boxers

Do you want to know how to improve the service of your business in an easy and economical way? Men also go to beauty centres, spas, spas and to get massages. Therefore, if your business is related to these services, the disposable boxer is ideal to offer a hygienic and comfortable service to your customers.

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The men's disposable boxer is made of "non-textile fabric" (TNT) which will give the customer more freshness. In addition, because they are breathable, customers will be able to enjoy them without being hot. Our disposable boxer shorts are hypoallergenic and very comfortable which will prevent the customer from suffering irritation or discomfort.


Improve customer service
Improved hygiene

Men's plastic underwear will allow you to keep your business clean in an easy way. Because they are disposable, you only have to put them in the right container after the customer has finished using them. Cleaning has never been so easy!

Our disposable underwear is sold in one size, but has an elastic band at waist level to fit your body. They come in a single pack for extra hygiene and can be purchased individually or in a 200 pack for a very low price - take advantage of the opportunity to improve your business in the easiest way with the disposable underwear!


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