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Foil containers without lid

When it comes to finding a practical, safe and attractive solution for preparing and transporting food, aluminium containers without lids are the ideal choice.

With a silver finish and attractive design, these disposable containers are perfect for catering businesses, caterers and anyone who wants to carry their meals in a practical, safe and lightweight way. It's time to discover the benefits of using aluminium trays without lids!

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Oven safe
  • Disposable
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Aluminium trays without lids

Disposable foil trays without lids are an excellent choice for a variety of needs in hospitality, catering and food transport businesses. With a silver finish, these containers offer a practical and attractive design. If you are looking for a simple and versatile solution for preparing or transporting your food while keeping it at the right temperature, aluminium trays without lids are the ideal choice.

Do you find it exhausting having to clean up all the containers you've prepared your dishes in after a family meal? With our disposable aluminium trays, that's no longer a problem. As they are disposable, once you have used them, simply dispose of them in the appropriate container. Save yourself the trouble of scrubbing trays, plates and other containers, and simply throw them away. There's no more excuse for not cooking!

At Monouso, we offer different models of foil trays without lids so that you can choose the option that best suits your recipes. At a very affordable price, your meals will look spectacular. Put on your apron and get cooking!

Oven safe: disposable aluminium containers

Cakes, sponge cakes, pasta gratin, cannelloni, lasagne or chicken and chips? Aluminium trays without lids are perfect for any food you want to cook in the oven. Thanks to their high heat resistance, it will be an easy task to use them when cooking, as these trays are suitable for use in both appliances. Moreover, as they are made of aluminium, they retain heat very well, keeping your food at the right temperature. Forget cold food!

Have you ever wondered if you can put a pan in the oven? It is common to have doubts about whether a container is suitable for heating, either for fear of breaking it or damaging the appliance. However, with our foil baking trays, we remove those doubts. The answer is yes, you can put them in the oven.

The characteristic aluminium of our lidless baking trays is highly resistant to high temperatures due to its excellent thermal conductivity. You can rest assured when using them in the oven, as they will not lose any of their properties and will not alter the flavour of your food. Moreover, they will keep their shape, allowing you to serve the food directly from the container without the need to use another plate or tray. A simple, economical and effective solution!

In addition to resisting heat, the material of our aluminium trays is also prepared for low temperatures. These aluminium containers have the ability to adapt to different temperatures, which means you can use the same container for cooking and then freeze the leftovers. A practical and versatile option for cooking, transporting or freezing your food. You won't regret it!

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