Plastic Tasting Supplies

In this section you will find all the perfect Plastic Tasting Miniatures to be the star of an event, catering or reception. From Mini Tasting Spoons, to Tasting Cups or Mini Tasting Trays, an extensive catalogue of Disposable Cutlery that will delight all guests as soon as they appear on the service tray.

In our catalogue you will find the Disposable Catering Products that you need. We have a wide range of Plastic Catering Supplies.

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Plastic Tasting Spoons

The Tasting Spoons are special Catering Accessories to serve appetizers in an elegant and sophisticated way. With a reduced handle size and a wide ladle, our Disposable Appetizer Spoons, made of Polystyrene, offer great resistance, even though their weight is light, and a great variety of colours and models. All our Plastic Appetizer Spoons have a design that provides them with great stability to be presented on a tray. 

Plastic Mini Tasting Cutlery

Mini Tasting Cutlery is a distinctive touch in any Catering Presentation. In MonoUso you will find from the typical Plastic Fork to the Plastic Spoon, the Plastic Knife and the Snack Spoon. These Disposable Cutlery offer a smaller size than the traditional cutlery, but they are very resistant and have a design that makes them look like the classic metal cutlery. More economical and hygienic, our Mini Plastic Cutlery is specially designed for diners to enjoy the food at any outdoor celebration, where at the end of the service everything is picked up in the blink of an eye.

Plastic Mini Serving Plates

Whether for a small reception or for any large event, Plastic Mini Dishes for Tasting become the most elegant allies before a multitude of diners eager to have their palates conquered by the culinary delights that dress these Mini Dishes for Catering.

Made of polystyrene, highly resistant, our Mini Tasting Dishes offer a wide variety of designs and shapes so that you can make your presentation to your taste and needs. 

Plastic Mini Serving Trays

The Plastic Mini Tasting Trays are the most suitable disposable trays to offer canapés in any worthy event. Made of Polystyrene, this composition offers great resistance, durability and shine to our Mini Catering Trays.

Ideal to serve appetizers in a clean and fast way, because they are Mini Disposable Plastic Trays, from MonoUso we offer you a wide catalogue where you will find Mini Oval Trays, Mini Rectangular Trays, Mini Round Trays and Mini Octogonal Trays, in reduced sizes, varieties and finishes.

Don't miss our range of Mini Tasting Trays, with an elegant and sophisticated design, "the ideal complement for your presentations".

Plastic Mini Serving Bowls

Creams, mini salads, fruit compote or all foods that need a deep container to be presented can count on our range of Mini Plastic Taste Bags. These Disposable Bowls, made of polystyrene, with high gloss, durability and resistance, are ideal for creating unique and original services in caterings, buffets, cocktails and events of all kinds.

Our wide range of Plastic Tasting Miniatures are characterised by their high quality finish and their elegant and sophisticated style. At MonoUso we offer from Disposable Mini Cups to Delight Plastic Cones. Searching through our catalogue you will find from traditional Catering Supplies to the most extravagant, ideal for the most creative or chic events.

With the Disposable Catering Tableware you will improve the presentation of your service. Designed for professional use, these Tasting Miniatures are practical and functional products. In addition, we have a wide range of Miniatures made of polyethylene and polypropylene, probably the most complete range of Disposable Catering Supplies on the market.

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