Biodegradable dog poop bags

Having biodegradable bags for dog poo, besides allowing you to do your duty as a pet owner, you can comply with current regulations. Avoid fines and get the best biodegradable bags for dog excrement in Monouso.

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The use of biodegradable doggie bags for the collection of your dog's faeces


Why? It's simple, plastic bags can take centuries to decompose.


So, it is not necessary to use a bag that will prevail for centuries containing an organic waste.


With biodegradable dog poo bags you can:


Collect your dog's feces easily.
Fulfill your duties as your furry friend's owner.
Contribute to the cleanliness of the city.
Respect the people who live in your community and use public spaces.
Avoid contamination by the abandonment of feces.

However, we recommend that you purchase biodegradable bags for dog feces from a safe distributor.


Biodegradable dog poo bags are in great demand. Watch out! Plastic bags are being sold advertising biodegradable properties that they do not have.


At Monouso, you will find the best biodegradable dog poo bags, functional and environmentally friendly.


The rolls of biodegradable bags for dog poo are available in small or large packages, to supply you for long periods of time.



Biodegradable dog poop collection bags

At Monouso, as a responsible company, we have dedicated ourselves to selecting the best products to offer to all our customers.


We sell products of various types and made from different materials.


When we refer to biodegradable materials, we check that the manufacturing of these materials has complied with the correct procedures.


In addition, the final product must meet and exceed our expectations before it is offered to any of our customers.


In the case of biodegradable dog poop bags, the best way to identify whether they are environmentally friendly is to check the mandrel of the bag roll.


What is the mandrel?


The mandrel is the central part of the bag roll. It serves as a support for the entire structure and all biodegradable dog poop bags are wrapped around it.


After our study, we found that biodegradable dog excrement bags have a mandrel made of recycled cardboard.


Those with a plastic mandrel are not entirely ecological bags, even though their labeling or packaging indicates it.


Another way to certify the quality of dog poop bags is with the texture.


The exterior texture of the dog poop bag should be similar to the biodegradable bags you get at the supermarket.


Why should we use biodegradable dog poop bags?

The responsibility of acquiring a pet means, among other things, that you must take care of collecting your dog's feces. Beyond the sanction of not doing so, remember that the streets are for public use and no one (including yourself) would like to come across them while you are out for a walk.

Furthermore, not collecting your pet's faeces can lead to the spread of disease and even pollute the water if it comes into contact with rain.
For the sake of your neighbours, the environment and yourself, be responsible and environmentally friendly.



Dog Poop: Undesirable and Dangerous Waste

Continuing with the responsibilities you have as a pet owner, we must stop and remind you of the potential danger of abandoned pet feces.


The first risk is the potential danger of accidentally stepping in your dog's poop.


A distracted person who steps on a dog's feces can slip and fall to the ground, a situation that becomes potentially dangerous if it is an elderly person or a child.


On the other hand, visually impaired people, who have to use a guide to get around, are often the objects of abandoned faeces.


Because of their condition, with an embarrassing constancy, blind people collide with faeces abandoned by irresponsible pet owners.

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