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Reusable Glass Tasting Dishes

In any event that is worthy of the Tasting Miniatures imitate designs in small proportions of traditional and known products. In this section the Miniatures for Catering are made of glass and have different outstanding shapes such as glasses, plates or hermetic jars, very typical for storing jam. Hermetic Glass Mini Jars for presentations and tastings in catering and events, and Reusable Glass Miniatures for innovative and fun presentations.


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One of the most creative and different ways to plate and present food is with these simple and delicate Crystal Catering Miniatures. With them, your guests will not be indifferent, whether at caterings, buffets, cocktails, events or parties, they will bring a unique touch.

The Miniatures for Tasting end up being part of the event, leaving in many cases impressed to the diners, by the design and the forms of each Accessory for Catering. In this case, our Miniatures are made of glass, and offer beauty and perfect lines. They can be Reusable Miniatures, thus avoiding the cost of having to buy Tasting Accessories for each event.

And if these are not the Miniatures for Catering that you are looking for, do not hesitate to consult our sections of Plastic Miniatures, Biodegradable Miniatures, Plastic Spoons, Design Miniatures, Miniature Holders, Plastic Cones, Plastic Tasting Glasses or Skewers, Tweezers and Skewers.


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