Ready Meals

One of the most important things in the take-away service is to have a good range of containers for your prepared food business, capable of providing a solution for the transport and protection of your preparations. Choose plastic, aluminium or sugar cane containers so that your customers can comfortably take all kinds of dishes home or to the office. Also tubs, bags, cutlery or napkins. And don't miss out on our wide range of ecologicaltake away packaging!

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Plastic Food Containers

Foil Food Containers

Sugarcane Food Containers

Take Away Bags

Paper Soup Cups

Take Away Containers for Omelette

ECO-Friendly Cutlery Set

Napkins 30x30cm

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Surgical Mask

When it comes to choosing the perfect packaging for your catering establishment, or take away service, you should take into account some of its properties to cover all your needs:

It is advisable to pay attention to:

  • If it is grease-proof
  • If it is resistant to liquids
  • If it can be reheated in microwaves or ovens.
  • If it avoids condensation (to maintain the original texture of the food).
  • Whether it is possible for the customer to eat in the same container in comfort
  • Does it protect the food adequately(type of closure, waterproof)?
  • If it maintains the optimum temperature during transport

In our product sheets you can find all the characteristics of each of our products so that you can choose the most suitable for the dishes you serve. Rices, pastas, salads, soups, meat or fish... Hot or cold preparations... Depending on the dish your customers choose, you will benefit more from the attributes of one or the other container.

Can't find what you're looking for? Are you not sure if the chosen container fulfils the functions you need? Don't know which one would be the perfect fit for your menu? If you have any doubts, contact our customer service team, we will advise you without obligation!

Nor can you leave out the accessories required for a rounded service, such as our cutlery sets or our napkins, both with 100% sustainable and plastic free options.

There are as many take-away containers as there are types of take-away outlets. And we know you have your own requirements and conditions. We supply the best take away packaging to:

  • Ready meal shops
  • Retail outlets and shops
  • Cafeterias
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Kiosks
  • Grills
  • Street stalls

Perhaps you are a restaurant or a food house that serves dozens of portions of rice or pasta to take away every lunchtime for the neighbourhood offices. In this case, aluminium containers with cardboard lids are a perfect solution for serving, transporting and consuming this type of food. This is because they are lightweight, maintain the temperature of the food and are the perfect size.

Maybe you run a rotisserie and need larger containers for rotisserie chickens. With our oval chicken containers, you don't have to worry about leaking liquids. They also keep the meat, potatoes and gravy warm... so that your food arrives at home piping hot!

Monouso, ready meal packaging suppliers

Not all portions are the same and, therefore, it is essential to choose disposable products for take away professionals to ensure a quality experience: from the moment you serve in your premises to the moment the customer devours your dishes. At Monouso, our commitment is to always offer you the best quality options at the best prices. And to this we add a catalogue with a variety of options in design, formats, capacities and materials.

Our permanentstock guarantees you that, if you see it on the web, we have availability, and your order will be processed quickly and swiftly without delays due to lack of stock in the warehouse.

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