Paper Soup Cups

Thanks to the Cardboard Soup Tubs you can enjoy a nice soup or delicious in any place. These Disposable Containers can perfectly withstand low and high temperatures, without this state of the food being transmitted to the hands of the consumer. Its protective layer also prevents stains and spills. Our cardboard containers have lids that make them the safest food containers on the market.

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Our Cardboard Soup Bowls with Lids ensure an airtight seal to maintain the temperature and thus facilitate transport. That's why the Disposable Soup Kettles are the most convenient soup container to guarantee the quality of your product. 

Our Cardboard Soup Vessel is available in different sizes with its corresponding Plastic Lid to avoid spillage of the product.  

The Soup Containers we provide will meet all your requirements, we assure you!  And if what you need is another type of food packaging for your business, don't hesitate and check our sections of Plastic Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Aluminum Packaging, FOAM Packaging and Take Away Service Packaging. Place your order now and you will receive it in less than 48 hours.

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