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Adhesive Bag Closures

Paper bag labels are perfect for closing or marking bags, envelopes, notebooks and more. In addition, these adhesive paper closures are ideal as a tamper-evident seal or security seal. These stickers are easy to handle: with a simple gesture you can peel off the sticker and add it to the product you want. Some of their most prominent uses are:

  • Security seals for delivery orders
  • Food control labelling
  • Organisation of the different products in a business
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Adhesive closures for paper bags

Many bags do not have a built-in closure and at Monouso we want to flexibly solve this problem with paper bag stickers.

The paper bag closures we offer in our shop are the perfect way to save time and money when packaging all your products.

Paper bag closures 

Why do you need closures for your bags? Paper bag adhesive closures can be found in all kinds of shops, and their versatility is one of their strengths. They keep your bags closed and are very easy to remove to open them.

  • Ideal for small bags: These closures work especially well on small bags that store products that do not need an airtight seal, such as fruit, pharmacy products, bottles, pastries or bakery products, deliveries, among others.
  • Easy to use: One of the main features of sticker format bag closures is their ease of use. It sticks on and off without much effort, so neither the customer nor the shop worker will waste time using them.
  • Durable closure: The sticker will not peel off by itself thanks to its glue, so it will last as long as necessary until the customer decides to remove it to consume the product inside the bag.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses: The closures for paper bags work in businesses related to food or catering, but that is not their only use as they are equally valid for closing the bags of other establishments such as pharmacies, tobacconists, etc.
  • Material adaptable to any surface: Not all bags are the same and this is not a problem for our closures. The stickers will adapt to the shape of each bag thanks to their flexible material.

More and more shops are joining these closures. Will you be the next one? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service for more information.

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