Plastic Mini Serving Plates

Whether for a small reception or for any large event, Plastic Mini Dishes for Tasting become the most elegant allies before a multitude of diners eager to have their palates conquered by the culinary delights that dress these Mini Dishes for Catering.

Made of polystyrene, highly resistant, our Mini Tasting Dishes offer a wide variety of designs and shapes so that you can make your presentation to your taste and needs. 

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    The Disposable Catering Dishes are ideal for serving appetizers, snacks and starters, as well as great culinary preparations and an assortment of delicious desserts.

    Manufactured in Polystyrene, of great resistance and durability, our Mini Plastic Plates are able to withstand high temperatures without transmitting the heat of food to the diner, as well as giving off flavor or smell that may affect the food.

    Perfect for caterings, hotels and all kind of events or celebrations, the Mini Tasting Plates you will find in our catalogue are perfect to combine with other Catering Accessories creating unique and quality spaces.

    Our Mini Tasting Plates will make us save time and money, because they are Disposable Plastic Plates that do not need to be washed or dried, give a quick service and are easy to arrange and remove. And although we at Monouso do not recommend their prolonged use, their great quality could make many of them be considered Reusable Plastic Plates.

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