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Paper Bags without Handle

Our permanent stock of paper bags without handles allows you to buy your cheap paper bags without handles and receive them quickly.

Handleless paper bags are the most commonly used bags in both small shops and large supermarkets. These cellulose bags without handles are especially useful for greengrocers and supermarkets.

  • Recyclable, renewable and reusable
  • Ideal for the food sector
  • Wide range of sizes in kraft and white colours.
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Practical kraft paper bags without handles

At very economical prices, white or kraft paper bags without handles have become the most used models by greengrocers, pharmacies and supermarkets: for snacks, loose food, bulk nuts or fruit baskets.

This paper bag without handles can be recycled and personalised with the colour, logo or name of your business.

These cheap paper bags without handles are recyclable, renewable and reusable, made of cellulose or kraft paper in a wide range of formats. Adapt them to the needs of your business, shop, small shop or fair and offer your customers a friendly, hygienic service with personality.

The image of naturalness that they transmit and their variety of sizes make these ECO paper bags without handles the ideal packaging without handles for gastronomic products as well as handicrafts, pharmaceuticals or jewellery or clothing accessories. In addition, these bags without handles can be transported very comfortably due to their dimensions.

Kraft paper bags without handles

We have a large and permanent stock of kraft paper bags without handles, as we know that nowadays there is no self-respecting business that doesn't have a pack of these cheap recycled paper bags without handles in the chamber. Versatility if ever there was one!

They are perfect for the food sector due to their strength and natural tones that convey an image of craftsmanship and care. In addition, the properties of the material make them very versatile bags, so it is not surprising to see them in other types of businesses such as souvenir shops, accessories shops, medicine shops or perfume shops.

Kraft paper bags without handles with plastic windows

For serving sweets, nuts and dried fruit in bulk, kraft paper bags without handles with transparent plastic window allow your customers to quickly differentiate one product from another when they get home, without having to open all the bags.

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