Plastic Coffee Mugs

Plastic cups are the perfect solution to enjoy your coffee, long coffee, coffee with milk, infusion or tea, without the need to see how the glass deteriorates itself. Awarded with the medal for hygiene and health, our Plastic Cups, made of Polystyrene and Polypropylene, will cover the needs of every bar, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel, party or celebration. With a great variety of forms and designs, in our web you will be able to find from Economic Plastic Cups, to Hard Cups, Microwaveable Cups or Biodegradable Cups.


Plastic Cups, specially designed and thought to support hot drinks, are the perfect allies to speed up the work in your bar, terrace or cafeteria because you will not have to wash them once used, as they are Disposable Cups.

These Disposable Cups are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors, with or without handles, and in different materials, some suitable for microwaves, such as Polypropylene, and others capable of withstanding high temperatures even though they are more flexible, such as Polystyrene. For the more Eco-friendly in MonoUso we offer a range of Biodegradable Design Cups where sustainability is the best companion of our coffee.

Some Plastic Cups can be personalized with the logo, name or brand of your establishment or business, thus giving greater presence to your image and providing advertising and exclusivity to your customers. In our online store you will find Basic Plastic Cups, Hard Plastic Cups, Unbreakable Plastic Cups and Biodegradable Cups, all of them can be combined with our Agitators for Coffee, Coffee Cup Holder, Economic Plastic Spoons or Biodegradable Cutlery. We also have Ecological Cardboard Coffee Cups.

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