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If you are looking for a solution to heat your food quickly and easily in the microwave, we have just what you need! Our range of polypropylene microwaveable containers is perfect for storing and heating your food in a practical and economical way.

We know that as a takeaway or delivery company, it's important to you that your customers can enjoy their favourite dishes wherever they are. That's why our PP microwaveable containers are the perfect choice from our wide range of plastic containers to ensure that your customers receive their meals hot and in perfect condition, thanks to their high resistance to breakage and high temperatures.

  • Wide selection of microwaveable containers in different shapes, sizes and capacities.
  • High quality at affordable prices for storing and heating any type of food.
  • Compatible lids with secure closure to avoid leaks or spills.
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The best choice of PP containers for microwaves

A practical, convenient container that allows you to heat up any preparation quickly and easily in the microwave? Of course it is possible and we have put them all together in this fantastic category. Welcome to our category of PP microwaveable containers! Here you will find the strongest, most versatile and economical polypropylene containers on the market to meet all your food storage and heating needs.

If you are a takeaway food lover, want your customers to enjoy it too and need a microwaveable container, you are in the right place! Our PP plastic containers are the perfect choice for your customers to take their favourite meals and enjoy them wherever they prefer.

Microwaveable PP containers: practical and safe

Want a perfect solution to transport and heat your meals safely and conveniently? Look no further! We have compatible lids for the different types of microwaveable PP containers that you will find in our catalogue.

With these lids, you can transport your meals wherever you want or your customers can carry their containers without having to worry about leaks or spills, thanks to their strength and safety. What's more, they are also microwave-safe! So they will be able to heat up your preparations in a matter of minutes and without making a mess in the kitchen. And don't think that these lids are just anything. They are designed with the same quality and strength as our polypropylene containers, so you can be sure that your meals will always be safe and secure.

And to make it even more convenient for you and your customers, we have PP plastic microwaveable containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. We are sure that in our wide range of containers you will be able to find what best suits your needs, from rectangular micro PP containers, square containers, round micro PP containers and even oval containers. And it doesn't end there, you can also buy microwaveable PP containers with various capacities, you have no excuse for your customers to go hungry!

But that's not all, there's also a wide variety of closures to choose from. From tight-fitting lids to keep your food fresh, to snap-on lids for added safety, or even containers with hinged lids for added convenience. So you can be sure that your food will be safe during transport and storage.

Cheap microwaveable PP containers from Monouso

If you are looking for an easy-to-use plastic microwaveable container that is resistant to oils, fats, hot or cold food, polypropylene containers are your best choice! Our PP containers are made from high quality materials, so they are highly resistant to breakage and high temperatures, so you can be sure that your food will be protected and safe at all times!

And that's not all. We offer a wide variety of PP packaging to suit all tastes and needs. From cheap pp containers to polypropylene containers for more sophisticated foods and preparations, we have everything you need to store and heat your favourite foods in the easiest and most convenient way!

Our polypropylene containers are ideal for everything from soups and stews to main dishes and desserts. With our wide selection of PP containers, you can be sure to find the right size and shape for your needs.

Excited to discover our selection of PP packaging? Don't waste any more time and place your order today! We guarantee you won't regret it!

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