Microwavable Deli Containers Round PP

The PP Round Microwave Packages have a very resistant finish to impacts, shocks and scratches. These Food Containers can have a Plastic Lid and are Microwaveable Containers, due to their composition in Polypropylene. These Round Microwave Tubs are ideal for liquids and sauces.

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Micro Round Containers are made of polypropylene (PP). Therefore, these Round Plastic Containers are light, flexible and, especially, very resistant to impacts, that is to say, they are difficult to break.  Plastic Round Containers are suitable for microwave ovens and also for freezing. They withstand temperatures between -40ºC and 120ºC. They have the possibility of carrying a plastic lid. The Plastic Tubs with Lids are a safe and comfortable method of carrying food.

Due to their shape, Disposable Round Pots are used for soups, creams and sauces. We have Micro Round Containers in different sizes and colors. Among them, the White Plastic Round Container.

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