Sugarcane Hinged Lid Deli Containers

Menu Sugar Cane Packages are perfect for presenting the different foods in their respective compartments. These Biodegradable Containers have become the best ally for the Environment, since they are made of Sugar Cane, avoiding the contamination that is its destruction. In addition, the Single Use Compostable Containers for Menus prevent food from mixing flavors between them and from losing temperature.

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    The Biodegradable Menu Boxes are Ecological Menu Boxes, this is possible because they are made of bagasse. The bagasse is the remaining part of the sugar cane once the pulp has been extracted, that is to say, once all the sugar has been extracted from the cane, the remaining part is what is used today to manufacture this type of ecological disposable container.

    In the past, this waste was burned in large quantities, emitting huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Thanks to this system of reuse, the bagasse is no longer burned. This is why this type of Ecological Biodegradable Menu Container is becoming more and more fashionable, and is being used more and more. Also now, buying Sugar Cane Menu Packages is easier than ever with MonoUso.

    On our website you will find the largest collection of disposable sugar cane packaging on the market. If you have another type of business, you will also find another selection of special Food Packaging by material: FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Aluminum Packaging and Plastic Packaging. A convenient solution for your business and with 24/48 hour delivery.  If you would like more information about Sugar Cane Packaging for Menus, do not hesitate to contact us on 931 158 455.

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