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Are you preparing to move and don't know how to close your boxes safely? Our adhesive packing tapes are the smartest way to keep your boxes closed during the whole process.

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Adhesive packaging tape is ideal for both industrial and commercial use where you need to pack and transport all your goods as well as for personal use. Thanks to its high resistance to possible tearing, it offers an optimal result in the packaging of your boxes.

Great resistance.
Great capacity of adhesion.
Resistance to different temperature ranges.

Adhesive packaging tape is ideal for both industrial or commercial use where you need to pack and transport all your goods and for personal use. Thanks to its high resistance to possible tearing, it offers an optimal result in the packaging of your boxes.

In addition, our plastic adhesive packaging tape has a high adhesion capacity so that you don't have to worry about it coming off and the contents of the boxes falling out.

Why use adhesive tape?
As you can imagine, the typical use of this product is packaging. Due to their great sealing and protection capacity, adhesive packaging tapes are ideal for closing boxes and packages. Therefore, it has a great application in the areas of construction, manufacturing and maintenance. But why do so many industries rely on adhesive tape?

The answer is simple: in addition to its low cost, adhesive tape offers great advantages:

Lower manufacturing costs by reducing time and simplifying the process.
Less maintenance costs because when storing products in boxes, adhesive tape provides great protection of the products thanks to its insulation capacity.
It allows you to improve the delivery service to your customers, since it guarantees the safe delivery of the products.

Types of adhesive tape
The model of adhesive tape to choose depends on the use you want to give it. In MonoUso you will be able to buy the adhesive packing tapes you need. In our catalogue you can find a wide range and choose the option that best suits you.

On the one hand, we have polypropylene adhesive tapes. You can find both transparent adhesive tape and white and brown coloured seals. As they are made of polypropylene, they guarantee high performance and resistance to different temperature ranges. The high quality of the adhesive will ensure that your belongings are safe and that the tape does not come off.  This type of adhesive tape is an ideal solution because of its excellent quality - price ratio, which is why it is the most commonly used tape for packing boxes.

On the other hand, adhesive packaging tapes made of kraft paper are an excellent choice if you want to opt for a more ecological alternative, you can also find them on our website. These adhesive tapes have a great flexibility and resistance and can be easily cut by hand, which makes the work much easier. Kraft paper adhesive tapes have the same qualities as conventional adhesive tapes with the advantage of being able to recycle them next to the box once you have finished using them. They are the ideal sustainable solution for box packing, packaging, moving and storage.

Among the different models, you will also find adhesive signaling tapes. On our website we have both yellow and red adhesive signaling tape. The adhesive signaling tapes are perfect for marking security areas or restricted access. They have the same quality and resistance as the previous ones, with the advantage that their bright, striking colours attract attention and make signage clearer. It is a very economical and practical resource that serves to mark floors, doors, walls, columns, elevators or traffic routes. Its great capacity of adhesion allows it to be stuck even in irregular areas without any problem.

Finally, if you wish you can complement your purchase with the manual sealer that allows an easy and fast closing of the boxes.

You may be interested to know...

What is a tape track?
A track is a feature that allows an adhesive to be adhered to a surface with little or no pressure. The track is determined by the adhesive's ability to quickly penetrate the surface it is intended to bond to. For rough and embossed surfaces a very sticky adhesive will be required to adhere well.

What is an adhesive tape backing?
The backing is the material to which the tape is intended to be adhered. That is, a wall, the floor, a box, would be typical examples of supports. In theory, tapes can be adhered to any surface whether it is smooth, rough, thin, or flexible, so anything could act as a support for the tape. While it is true that there are some surfaces that work better and to which the tape adheres better.

What is adhesive tape cohesion?
It is the ability of the adhesive to resist scratching or breaking. It gives an idea of the energy it would take

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