Rectangular Sugar Cane Containers

Do you want to transport your dishes easily and without harming the planet? Then you need to get to know Monouso's rectangular sugar cane containers! These sugar cane containers are ideal for taking your meals anywhere, whether it's to the office, university or even out and about. Moreover, they are made of biodegradable and natural materials, which makes them an ecological and environmentally friendly option.

Their practical design will allow you to make the most of space and carry a larger amount of food without worrying about the size or shape of the container. In addition, their rectangular shape makes them ideal for stacking and storing in the fridge, freezer or take away bags, which will allow you to keep your food fresh for longer, save space in your kitchen and transport it safely. Practical and ecological, what more could you ask for!

  • Ecological and sustainable
  • Perfect for serving and transporting food with garnishings
  • Resistant to liquids, fats, oils and grease
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Practical rectangular sugar cane containers

Looking for the ideal option to send your dishes? If you are someone who cares about the environment and likes to take care of our planet, at Monouso we have excellent news for you. Are you tired of using packaging that damages our ecosystem? Well, we present you the perfect solution: rectangular sugar cane containers!

These containers are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also very practical for transporting your preparations wherever your customers want them to go. Imagine how easy it will be to take your salads, casseroles, desserts and any other dish to the office, university or even on a trip!

These containers are made of sugar cane, a natural and biodegradable material that becomes an excellent alternative for the care of the environment. This type of sugar cane packaging is made from bagasse, i.e. the remains that are left over when the sugar is extracted from the sugar cane. Therefore, you are looking at a 100% natural and ecological product, totally respectful of the environment, with which you can give your business an ECO touch.

BePulp multifunctional biodegradable containers are essential in a multitude of establishments like yours, dedicated to take away food. This is the case of food trucks, food trucks, street stalls, fairs or take away services in hotels and catering establishments.

Their rectangular design allows them to make the most of space, which means you can carry a larger amount of food without worrying about the size or shape of the container. What's more, being rectangular, they fit perfectly into most take away bags, making them ideal for easy and convenient carrying .

Not only that, their rectangular shape also makes them ideal for stacking and storing in the fridge or freezer, allowing you to keep your food fresh for longer and save space in your kitchen.

Buy rectangular sugar cane containers from Monouso

At Monouso, we think of everything, which is why we also offer sugar cane containers with different compartments, so you can separate your food without mixing them up. They're perfect for salads with dressings or for take-away food!

And if you need lids to keep your preparations cool or warm, we also have them available in different materials. For example, rPET lids are ideal for cold food, while PP lids are perfect for hot food.

Best of all, these containers are very practical, easy to transport and handle, making them an excellent choice for your business or event. They are the perfect allies to take your preparations wherever you go! When you buy your BePulp containers at Monouso, you can benefit from a multitude of advantages: from quantity discounts to multiple payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Buying at Monouso is always buying at the best price and with maximum confidence.

Monouso' s rectangular sugar cane containers are an ecological, modern, practical and versatile option, what more could you ask for? If you want to present your dishes in an attractive way and take care of the environment at the same time, this is your best option! Don't hesitate any longer and buy your containers in our Monouso shop! You will love them!

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