Embossed Vacuum Packaging Pouches

Do you have a domestic vacuum packing machine and don't know which vacuum pouches are the most suitable? For this type of machine you need vacuum pouches with specific characteristics and a design that allows you to extract the air optimally and keep your food fresh and in perfect condition. Monouso's domestic embossed vacuum pouches are what you are looking for! Our vacuum pouches are of high quality and are mainly characterised by the following features:

  • Domestic use: suitable for domestic packaging machines, not suitable for industrial machinery.
  • Optimal design: with an embossed side that helps to remove all the air from the bag and a smooth side that facilitates an airtight seal.
  • Suitable for freezing: you can store food in the freezer for up to six months at a temperature of -20ºC.
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Vacuum pouches for domestic use

Our vacuum pouches for domestic use are very common among those who, with little space and cost, want to take advantage of the benefits of vacuum packaging. They prevent the loss of flavour, aroma and texture, while protecting the food and maintaining its quality to the maximum.

Domestic embossed vacuum pouches are more economical than other types of vacuum bags, such as metallised bags, and are excellent for optimising storage space for products such as nuts, cereals or flour, which mainly need protection from humidity and air.

Among other advantages, it is also worth mentioning that the embossed pattern of the pouches allows the food to be compressed evenly during the emptying process, thus preventing them from wearing out or even breaking.

Advantages of embossed vacuum pouches

Embossed vacuum pouches are different from other vacuum pouches due to their design. These pouches have small lines or channels embossed into their surface, creating an embossed pattern. These channels allow the bag to compress evenly during the emptying process, which facilitates the removal of air and ensures an airtight seal.

Plain vacuum bags, on the other hand, do not have this embossed pattern. Instead, they rely on increased pressure and manual handling to ensure a proper seal. This means that plain vacuum pouches may not be as effective at sealing moist or soft foods, as these can be more difficult to manipulate to obtain an airtight seal.

It should be noted that domestic embossed vacuum pouches are designed to be used by domestic vacuum sealers, which are much more convenient to use and much smaller in size than industrial vacuum sealers.

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