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Plastic Sauce Pots are a classic in Mediterranean gastronomy. This plastic container is perfect for transporting sauces and liquids without worrying about them spilling. The Plastic Cups with Lids will be the ideal complement to spice up your menus. These Disposable Containers are perfect for Fast Food Catering, Food Truck and Take Away.

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Sauce Containers are made of polypropylene (PP). It is a lightweight material that is very resistant to impact. That is why the Sauce Containers have an unbreakable and transparent finish, suitable for distinguishing sauces. Its lid ensures an airtight seal. These Disposable Sauce Containers are Microwaveable.

Thus, the Small Saucepans can be used for all kinds of hot and cold sauces and dressings. For these reasons, Plastic Saucepans are a highly recommended system to complete the menu, especially when ordering on the go.

Plastic Sauce Pans with Lids
We have a wide range of plastic Saucepans with lids in different sizes as well as their complementary lids.  

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