Cellophane bags

Our high quality cellophane bags are perfect for a wide range of business and manufacturing needs.

Whether you're planning to package a product for retail, create unique gift baskets for a special occasion or hand out gifts at a large marketing event, our clear cellophane bags are ready for any task.

  • Clear
  • Elegant
  • High quality and strength
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BO-PP Bags Without Closure

BO-PP Adhesive Flap Closure Bags

BO-PP Cellophane Bags with Euro Slot

BO-PP Plastic Square Bottom Bags

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For all uses: the BO-PP bags

If you are looking for a practical and economical solution to package and protect your products, you are in the right place! In this category you will find a wide variety of bags with different shapes and closures, designed to meet your packaging needs.

Our cellophane bags meet official USDA and FDA standards for safe food packaging, so you can be sure that your groceries are always safe in one of these bags.

Highlights of BO-PP cellophane bags:

  • Zippered and non-zippered options
  • Gusseted cellophane bags in a variety of sizes
  • Many widths and heights

Simple but practical: BO-PP cellophane bags without zips

Are you looking for a simple and economical solution to protect your products? Our BO-PP non-sealable cellophane bags are the perfect choice for you. Made from high quality materials, these bags are ideal for packaging products of all kinds. Their transparency allows you to display the contents and make them more attractive when presenting them to your customers. Close them conveniently with ties, stickers or directly with a knot, whichever is easiest for you.

BO-PP cellophane bags with adhesive flaps

Do you need a quick and practical solution for packaging your products? Our BO-PP cellophane bags with adhesive flap are the answer to your needs. With their adhesive flap design, these bags are easy to close and open, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your packaging processes. In addition, their transparency allows you to show the contents of the bag and make it more attractive.

BO-PP cellophane bags with euro-hole punches, ideal for your business

A more resistant and suitable solution for any business to package your products? Our BO-PP cellophane bags with euro hole punching are ideal for you. Made from high quality materials, they are very practical thanks to their euro hole punch that allows them to be hung on hooks or displays, which will allow you to display your products more effectively.

Variety of shapes and sizes of BO-PP bags

In our BO-PP cellophane bags category you will find a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all your packaging needs. From flat bags to rectangular base bags, we have the perfect bag to package your products. Our bags are available in different sizes, allowing you to find the right bag for any type of product.

Don't wait any longer! Discover our wide range of BO-PP cellophane bags and find the perfect solution to package and protect your products effectively and economically.

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