cellophane bags

Our high quality cellophane bags at Monouso are perfect for a wide range of business and manufacturing needs. Whether you are planning to package a product for retail, create unique gift baskets for a special occasion or deliver favors at a large marketing event, our clear cellophane bags are ready for any task.

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Our bags meet the official USDA and FDA standards for safe food packaging, so you can be sure that your groceries are always safe in one of these clear bags.

Choose from many different styles of cellophane bags.

Many of our clear cellophane bags are available in both standard and heavy duty service, and each comes in several optional sizes. We also carry decorated cellophane bags printed with cute patterns for parties and events. With over a dozen different styles of clear bags to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect polypropylene bags for your needs. Here's a preview of what our inventory has for you:


Flat, no sealing bags.
Self-adhesive lip and tape bags.
Zippered reclosable bags.
Bags with tab lids for hanging
Cellophane bags with gusset
Cellophane baskets
Flower Sleeves

Once you find the perfect style for your needs, simply select your preferred size from our list of options, place your order and your clear cellophane bags will be delivered before you know it!
Don't forget the accessories

Before ordering, don't forget to look at our essential accessories. From base trays and cardboard inserts, to decorative flanges, plastic sealing tape and more, we have everything you need to create a high quality vertical screen. 

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