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Chef Hats & Hairnets

Hygiene and prestige is what gives a Chef's Hat to a good Chef. That's why MonoUso offers you a great variety of Chef's Hats so that the taste of each dish is reflected in the head of its creator. Adjustable to the contour of the head, you will be able to choose between chef's style hat, mesh hat with visor or the famous chamois hat, here you will find a great assortment of chef's hats ideal for every restaurant, event or occasion. 


Aprons are the main part of many work uniforms and with them, many companies consolidate their image to the customers. Do you have doubts about which will be better for your business? In MonoUso we offer you different models, long aprons, short aprons, aprons with a purse and a pocket, short or long waist aprons and even plastic coated ones. An endless number of models and colors to combine with your corporate color.

 Find your ideal apron and surprise everyone with your aprons!

Waiter Cloths

The lithographs are the perfect complement that every waiter needs in his uniform, that's why in MonoUso we want to offer you special lithographs for the hotel industry, of superior quality and with different uses.

From the waiter's linen to the linen cover with a die for the bottle.

These lithographs are presented in pre-cut rolls to facilitate their use and storage.

Offer an elegant and efficient service with our waiter's litho

Pick your own and give a different touch to your room service!

Dish Towel

What would become of us without the kitchen towels? At MonoUso we want to give the kitchen towel the prominence it deserves. Without it we would be lost. Drying our hands, cleaning up the water that has spilled, or simply having a tea towel at hand that prevents us from burning ourselves when we take the pan out of the fire, are some of the uses that we can give to these wonderful tea towels. Welcome to the tea towel revolution!

Restaurant Command Block