Waiter Cloths

The lithographs are the perfect complement that every waiter needs in his uniform, that's why in MonoUso we want to offer you special lithographs for the hotel industry, of superior quality and with different uses.

From the waiter's linen to the linen cover with a die for the bottle.

These lithographs are presented in pre-cut rolls to facilitate their use and storage.

Offer an elegant and efficient service with our waiter's litho

Pick your own and give a different touch to your room service!

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If you are one of those who are looking for an impeccable, premium service with no shortage of details, these catering lithographs are the perfect product for you. Use them to protect your hands from the heat of the dishes or to roll up elegantly on wine and champagne bottles.
 Catering litter will help you to prevent drops from staining your table linen and even avoid possible incidents with guests when serving drinks and dishes.

100 % Cotton
Pre-cut rolls
Maximum absorbency
According to hotel etiquette, the waiter's litter should be wrapped elegantly around the waiter's left wrist. Whenever it gets dirty, it should be changed for a clean one or folded so that the stains are not visible.

 A hotel and catering litter must always be clean. Until a few years ago, waiter's lithographs were white, because of the cleanliness and purity that this color projects. Now, with the new trends in catering and thanks to the most avant-garde chefs and their concepts of "urban dinners" the litos have evolved into dark colors where the favorite is black.

 With the black hotel and catering litho the stains are not so apparent and the litho lasts clean much longer.

Whether classic or modern trend, hotel and catering litho will never go out of fashion and will be the perfect complement to waiters' uniforms. Don't hesitate, get your lito!

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