Oval Foil Trays

The oval aluminium trays are perfect for parties or events where a lot of food has to be served. These aluminium trays are suitable for serving hot food in an elegant and very practical way. You will love them!

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In celebrations that revolve around a meal or a dinner, the food is as important as the surface on which it is served. At Monouso you can buy the best oval aluminium trays, to present the food at your parties in an attractive way. In addition, as they are disposable, they will allow you to collect and clean up quickly and without complications.

There are many reasons to buy oval aluminium trays. Firstly, because they are made of excellent aluminium and are extra rigid, so the quality is more than guaranteed and there is no danger of them breaking. Secondly, they have fantastic finishes that will give your food presentation a very formal and elegant look. And, thirdly and finally, if you are going to prepare any dish in the oven, you can do it and serve it on the same tray as they are resistant to high temperatures. Maximum comfort!

All our disposable aluminium trays are silver in colour and we have several sizes available to choose from depending on your needs. From the small oval aluminium trays, with a capacity of 870 ml, to the large disposable aluminium trays, with a capacity of 2150 ml, choose the one that suits you best!

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