BePulp Sandwich Containers

Sugar Cane Burger and Sandwich Packs are the most environmentally friendly food serving containers on the market. These Biodegradable Hamburger Containers, made from sugar cane, are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant (bagasse), which is left after the extraction of the sugar juice, and are perfect for withstanding high temperatures, thus conserving the heat of the food. These Compostable Burger Shells with the most sustainable disposable burger packaging in the industry are ideal for their quality and price.

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BePulp Hamburger Packaging is Biodegradable Hamburger Packaging, that is, it is Ecological Hamburger Packaging or Sandwiches, these Ecological Hamburger Shells are perfect for all types of Take Away or Take Away food business. These Sugar Cane Containers are completely biodegradable, so they are respectful with the environment, that is something that we have very internalized in MonoUso, since the planet has to be taken care of.

These disposable burger containers are perfect if you want to give a touch of respect to the planet in your business. If you are a person committed to the care of the environment and really consider that taking care of the planet is something to be considered the Biodegradable Burger Boxes are what you need.

These BePulp Containers are made of Sugar Cane, a material that is extracted directly from bamboo canes, once the canes are used to extract all the juice from which the sugar will later be extracted, the remaining pulp is used to extract bagasse, the material from which our containers are made. This type of material used to be burned, and this emitted a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, so it polluted a lot, so all the bagasse is used with the sole purpose of making Single Use Containers, thus avoiding burning and making the most of the bamboo canes.

In MonoUso we are so convinced of the need to use this type of Food Packaging that we have made the maximum effort to get the best quality of the whole market and to be able to offer the best prices on the internet, all this added to the excellent pre-sale and post-sale attention and to the multiple payment systems, we have managed to be the best online store of disposable items of the whole internet.

In our range of Sugar Cane Containers you will find from BePulp Sandwich Containers, BePulp Multifunctional Containers and BePulp Sugar Cane Trays, to Sauce Pots, Soup Pots, BePulp Sugar Cane Bowls and MenuBox Containers. 

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