Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags are a very efficient food packaging solution for both professional and home use. Vacuum packaging is highly recommended to achieve a better conservation and durability of food products. In MonoUso you will find a wide variety of sizes and formats to vacuum pack food and preserve the quality of food for longer.

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    An essential product for any kitchen are the vacuum-packed bags, the best resource to guarantee the quality of the food for longer. Vacuum packaging is 100% recommended for professional and domestic use. In all kitchens there are perishable products and the problem is that the expiration dates can cause the food to lose qualities or directly become spoiled, so our Biodegradable Vacuum Bags are the best allies for preserving food.

    With most foods, the passage of time makes a dent in them, it is normal that the food loses hardness, freshness, flavor and, ultimately, integrity, so to prevent the food from spoiling, use embossed vacuum bags is the ideal solution. This system prolongs the shelf life of food products and increases their profitability, while at the same time saving money because nothing is discarded.

    With the process of Vacuum Packaging can be achieved to give a consistency of food, avoid bad odors and also the flavors contaminated by the proximity of other foods within the chambers. The Vacuum Packaging procedure consists of removing the air inside the bag in which we are going to store the food. Once all the air has been extracted, the sealing process begins.

    The main advantage of Vacuum Bagging is that it extends the shelf life of both raw and cooked foods, and always at optimal temperatures. As they are stored in sealed bags, the food products do not come into contact with the ice in the freezer, and thus, the freshness of the food is prolonged up to 4 times.

    Once you know that this form of packaging is full of benefits, now is the time to choose from the wide range of Vacuum Bags that are available in MonoUso. Starting with 90 micron plastic bags for use in the catering industry, available in different sizes from 140x450mm to 400x600mm. And you can buy from 100 to 1.000 units.

    Another alternative of Vacuum Food Storage Bags are the 90 micron silver plastic bags, available in 200x250mm and 200x300mm. In this case, you can buy them in packages of 100 or 1,000 units. This type of bags are used with professional or bell type packaging machines, not for domestic use.

    A very interesting and practical option to preserve food and also to cook at low temperature, are the Vacuum Cooking Bags. A very practical type of bag that combines both conservation and cooking.

    But not only that, in MonoUso you will find a wide selection of packaging products suitable for any business in the food and catering sector. From food film rolls, to aluminium rolls, siliconized paper for ovens and much more. Everything your company may need to develop its activity, you will find it here.


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