Squeeze Sauce Bottles

Mayonnaise, ketchup, caesar, spicy, guacamole, cheese, herbal, mustard... there are thousands! We all like to enjoy a good sauce. However, sometimes the glass jars break and it can be a real disaster. Whether for personal or professional use, with the sauce boats you can take the sauce wherever you want and complement all your dishes.

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    In our country it is a tradition that the great majority of dishes are accompanied by a sauce. That's why plastic sauce boats are ideal for restaurants, cafes, food trucks and food stands at fairs, festivals or concerts... you can even buy them for your home!


    Easy and comfortable to use.

    Sauce pears are a very sought-after option for restaurant and hotel businesses because of their practicality. They are very easy to use and a very simple and practical option for preserving sauces. Their application is even simpler, which will save you time.

    These sauce bottles are a very economical option as well as being simple and hygienic. They are very easy to wash, so once the sauce is finished you can wash them and use them for other sauces without any problems. Furthermore, filling them is very simple, just unscrew the lid and that's it.

    Our sauce dispensers are made of polyethylene, so they are very flexible and resistant. This is an investment that your pocket will hardly notice and that will last you a long time.

    In addition to sauces, these sauce dispensers can also be used to store oil, vinegar or any other liquid. Thanks to their closure, there is no danger of spilling the contents.

    On our website you will find different models and colours of plastic sauce jars: on the one hand we have jars for yellow sauces, jars for red rooms and jars for translucent sauces. We also have small sauce jars and large sauce jars, so you can choose the size that best suits your needs.

    Choose the one that best suits your business and get it at a more than affordable price!

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