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SAN and TRITAN Reusable Tasting Dishes Durables

SAN and Tritan reusable tasting dishes Durables are reusable containers used to preserve, protect and present food in an elegant and sophisticated way . Thanks to their materials, they represent a safe and versatile option for serving your products. And, that's because SAN and Tritan are incredibly resistant to any kind of force, so they are virtually unbreakable.

Everyone wants the day they've been dreaming of their whole life to be a special and unforgettable moment. A wedding. An art exhibition. A film premiere. For everyone it's about something different. In order not to spoil that special occasion, every small task must be carried out with great care and every last detail must be perfect. That's why our SAN and Tritan presentation tableware will make your customers remember that day as a before and after in their existence.

  • Visually attractive
  • Highly resistant
  • Withstand high temperatures
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What are SAN and Tritan miniatures?

SAN and Tritan miniatures are presentation ware designed to preserve, cover and serve food in small and tasty portions.

You have already seen our large catalogue of presentation miniatures. Therefore, you are more than ready to learn about their different qualities, uses, designs and materials.

Features of SAN and Tritan miniatures

Materials of SAN and Tritan miniatures

SAN and Tritan reusable tasting dishes Durables are made to showcase and preserve the best qualities of any food. Whatever the occasion, your products will look great and taste great. In order to meet these expectations, we use reliable, high quality materials.

The SAN we use to make our miniatures is very aesthetically pleasing and has a beautiful glossy finish. Thanks to this, they are perfect for all kinds of events that require an elegant presentation. In addition, it is resistant to grease and oil, so you won't see a stain whatever the food it contains. And not only that, it is also very resistant to knocks, so it will not break easily if dropped or slipped.

On the other hand, our Tritan tableware is resistant to all kinds of extreme temperatures, so it is perfect for both hot and cold food. In addition, it is highly resistant to all kinds of forces, which is why it is considered unbreakable. But its advantages do not end there, they are easily recyclable, so once you have decided to throw them away they can be used to make a completely new container.

Our aim is to be able to adapt and satisfy the needs of all types of customers. For this reason, we have an extensive catalogue of tableware made with SAN and Tritan that will preserve any product in perfect condition.

Uses of SAN and Tritan miniatures

Now that you are experts in the properties of each material, you are ready to tackle the extensive list of applications for SAN and Tritan miniatures. To help you in your search for the perfect tableware, we have provided a brief summary of their most common uses:

  • SAN and Tritan catering miniatures
  • SAN and Tritan miniatures for weddings
  • SAN and Tritan miniatures for parties
  • SAN and Tritan miniatures for restaurants
  • SAN and Tritan miniatures for events

We are aware that at events, food is not usually consumed immediately. For this reason, our tasting utensils retain the temperature and keep your products in good condition for a longer period of time. In addition, it does not alter the taste or smell of the food, so guests can enjoy it as if it were freshly served.

Who hasn't dropped a glass at some point? We know that accidents happen in any self-respecting catering establishment. That's why SAN and Tritan miniatures are so impact-resistant that they are considered unbreakable. No matter what the mishap, your food will remain safe no matter what.

As we already know, the visual composition of food is a crucial element in the satisfaction of diners. In order to enhance your aesthetic appeal, SAN and Tritan cookware features a crystal clear finish. Its transparent surface allows you to appreciate the products and also highlights their colours in a natural way. With them, your food will catch the eye of any undecided customer.

Eco-friendly SAN and Tritan miniatures

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their everyday actions. They are also looking for the premises they visit to manage the raw materials they use in an appropriate manner.

It is therefore not surprising that the consumption of organic products has increased by 96% over the last decade. So, to satisfy the demands of your most loyal diners and adapt to new market trends, it is clear that you must have sustainable alternatives. So it is vital that you invest in eco-friendly packaging and products if you want to build customer loyalty.

In order to help you in this arduous task, Monouso offers an extensive catalogue of reusable SAN and Tritan miniatures. With them, your business will make better use of resources while improving its image.

Designs for SAN and Tritan miniatures

Would you rather enjoy your food on an old scratched glass plate or on a handmade and hand-painted ceramic plate? The answer is quite clear. There is no doubt that the aesthetics of the tableware adds as much to the dining experience as good flavours. That's why we have a wide variety of shapes and designs for SAN and Tritan reusable tasting dishes Durables:

  • Clear sodo-style tasting bowls are ideal for enjoying small bites packed with flavour. Their oval shape is compatible with all types of snacks. In addition, their design allows food to be tasted from the bowl without the need for cutlery.
  • The classic transparent presentation bowls are the perfect choice for ice cream, fruit, mousses... as they are reminiscent of traditional ice cream parlours. And not only that, they are spherical but have a small base for a secure grip.
  • If you love artistic food preparation and plating, you will find the transparent pagoda-style tasting containers extremely useful. Their square surface works great with any cream, jelly or tiramisu. In addition, their glass-like finish will allow your customers to see the different layers of your products.

It has become clear that a striking presentation makes every customer enjoy the food much more. In order for you to offer the most attractive plating, we have a large number of models and designs for reusable catering utensils.

Monouso, supplier of SAN and Tritan miniatures

According to studies, in recent years catering and food for events has grown by more than 15%. This means that consumers have spent an average of 3805 million euros per year on these services. This is undoubtedly incredible news for the hospitality sector. To enable catering and restaurant professionals to supply their customers, we have become the leading supplier of SAN and Tritan miniatures. For this reason, we have a wide range of products at your disposal:

  • Round tasting bowls
  • Square tasting bowls
  • Transparent tasting plates

At Monouso we seek to reward the effort and passion shown by workers in the food sector. So we offer a wide range of presentationware ready to offer the most delicate flavours to each diner.

Committed to selling SAN and Tritan miniatures

The history of catering and food presentation goes back thousands of years to China, where food was handed out free of charge to those in need. Years later, in Europe, the Romans supplied pilgrims and merchants so that they would not go hungry during trade routes. So this service started small and hospitable and has evolved into a synonym for quality and elegance.

Do you want your diners to enjoy a select experience while feeling at home? Don't worry, Monouso can help you by offering you a wide range of reusable presentation tableware.

Do you need more information about SAN and Tritan reusable tasting dishes Durables? Contact us!

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