Containers PET Plastic with Flat Lid

Imagine a container designed to serve and transport liquids, creams or any other type of product without any spillage or leakage. A container so safe that you could even turn it completely upside down without anything spilling out. That's the great advantage of airtight plastic containers.

These tamper-proof containers are highly valued in the hospitality industry for their durability and impenetrable seal. They are perfect for transporting and presenting ready meals, as well as for any type of liquid that needs to be stored safely.

  • Completely secure and airtight closure
  • With a practical shape that allows stacking
  • Resistant
  • Versatile
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PET plastic packaging with tamper-evident seal

These containers are the perfect choice for those products that require a high level of protection and security in their packaging. Do you want to know why? We tell you why!

  • Security seal: they have a security seal that prevents the container from being opened before use.
  • Airtight: the security seal guarantees the airtightness of the container, preventing spills and leaks.
  • Transparency: PET is transparent, allowing the contents of the container to be seen.
  • Lightweight: PET containers are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a popular choice for liquid products.

Firstly, PET plastic containers with tamper-evident lids are impact and shock resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for any type of business and other sectors where product protection is key, as their characteristics make them very easy to transport and store any type of product or preparation.

But what makes these containers so special? Their tamper-evident lid, of course. This lid has a snap-on closure system that guarantees that the container has not been opened or tampered with prior to purchase. It also has a tamper-evident seal or security band that breaks when the package is opened, indicating that the product is new and has not been tampered with.

And what products can be packed in these airtight containers? Almost anything! From dry foods to preparations with sauces and dressings. Their snap-on closure system ensures that the contents of the container remain sealed and protected, preventing spillage or leakage and preserving the quality of the product.

PET containers with tamper-evident lids are widely used due to their characteristics. These tamper-evident containers are suitable for freezing, but their use is not recommended for microwaves, so it is always better to use them with cold food.

PET plastic containers with hermetically sealed lids are the safest and most reliable option for those products that need extra protection. Their snap-on closure system and tamper-evident seal guarantee that the product you are buying has not been tampered with. So next time you're buying a product, look for one in a PET plastic container with a tamper-evident lid and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your product is safe and secure!

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