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Plastic cutlery has become the economic and hygienic alternative to traditional cutlery; a perfect option to conquer any diner, saving on time and money, but deserving the highest demanded quality. Economical Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Metallized Cutlery, Set of Cutlery, Wrapped Cutlery, Plastic Serving Cutlery and Snack Skewers, in MonoUso we have a wide range of Disposable Cutlery that we present you to cover any need.

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Why and where to buy Plastic Cutlery?

Disposable Cutlery will help you to enjoy your parties without thinking about scrubbing or how much you will have to spend. With similar features to traditional cutlery, these utensils give you the option to decorate your table matching with Waterproof Tablecloths, Disposable Tableware, Reusable Plastic Cups, Cocktail Cups and Paper Napkins.

Made in Polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a synthetic resin obtained, like most thermoplastic polymers, from the polymerization of styrene monomer. Its main characteristics lie in the fact that they make our Plastic Cutlery to look stronger, stiffer and, at the same time, lighter. Their properties make our Plastic Cutlery very resistant to water and insulating against temperature, as they do not allow the cold or heat of food to pass through our hands. The great variety of polystyrene grades that exist in the manufacture of these Plastic Cutlery make it a very versatile material, giving us the possibility of producing them in different and attractive colors or with a more transparent or opaque aspect.

Are you looking for a wide range of knives, forks and spoons?

Our Disposable Cutlery is becoming an indispensable product in the catering industry. From MonoUso we offer you excellent solutions when it comes to takeaway food, providing the best quality and functionality to our products and producing a very wide range of plastic cutlery, from the most economical to Premium categories, such as Plastic Cutlery Luxury or Magnum. Our main objective is to cover the most specific needs of your business, that's why we also put at your disposal a great selection of Unbreakable Cutlery, Metallized Plastic Cutlery, Agitators, Skewers, Tweezers, Plastic Cutlery of Colors, Spoons for Ice Cream or Coffee and a more ecological range such as the Biodegradable Cutlery made in PLA.

What are the advantages of using disposable cutlery?

Some researchers and specialists consider hand washing a waste of water. If we add this waste of water to the laziness produced by washing cutlery and other utensils after a meal, the most logical thing would be to do without food that requires the use of a plate, a knife, a fork or a spoon. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to this, as you can't just eat out of laziness to wash the dishes afterwards. There are, in particular, disposable, practical, lightweight and elegant cutlery that fits all tables. Whether you need them to eat out during the working day, serve your guests at a reception, or even serve your customers if you are a professional food supplier, disposable cutlery is the solution you expect.

Among the many advantages of disposable cutlery are the following:

*They are hygienic and provide greater security for our health. Being new, there is no risk of contamination with any virus. And then we throw them away directly.

*They save water and cleaning chemicals.

*They simplify the daily routine as there is no need to argue about who will wash the dishes tonight.

*They are also beneficial to the environment as there are biodegradable and compostable cutleries, such as disposable wooden cutlery, bamboo plate, wheat bran plate or palm leaf plate. The disposable cutlery was made from natural materials.

*They protect our health and the environment, as the recyclable disposable cutlery is transformed into other energies.

What are the advantages of buying a solid disposable cutlery from MonoUso?

You may be wondering why you should buy your recyclable disposable cutlery or your disposable wood cutlery from MonoUso. Here are the answers:

*Comfort: it's very nice to share moments with friends and family. That's why it's important to enjoy every moment and keep the short breaks to wash dishes as short as possible. So that everyone can enjoy these magical moments with family or friends, opt for a disposable cutlery immediately.

*The economy: it's not about saving money; it's about saving energy, space and time. With a solid, disposable Disposable cutlery, you will save not only washing time, but also the space needed to store a large number of dishes, cups and cutlery that you don't always have at home. Disposable dishes and cups will also help you save water, detergent and light, as there is no need to wash them.

*Quantity: When we are planning a party for more than 20 people, the dishes in our house may not be enough for all the guests. This is even more unlikely when we decide to have a wedding or baptism in our home. To overcome these problems, MonoUso offers you its wide range of disposable cutlery. To make your receptions successful, look directly for a disposable wedding blanket, available in sufficient quantities to meet your needs.

*Aesthetics: every event must have its own aesthetics and be distinguished by its decorative beauty. You don't need to go to your mother's, grandmother's or friends' house to borrow their porcelain. Disposable cutlery sets are meticulously designed to suit everyone's decorating styles. Feel free to visit our online store now and browse through the different collections.

Order your disposable cutlery now!

Therefore, MonoUso offers several categories of disposable cutlery:

First price cutlery

They can be adapted to all circumstances and budgets. You can choose them (spoon, fork, and knife) in black or white, or even in a custom color, to suit your events or establishments.

Luxury plastic cutlery

They are much more elegant, but always practical. There are disposable and reusable models. The colors are also very varied according to your preferences.

Magnum plastic cutlery

They are really original in their design. In particular, they are available in different colors (green, pink, blue ...). They can be used both indoors (for a family dinner, for example) and outdoors (for a barbecue, a picnic or a bonfire with friends).

Unbreakable PP cutlery

Polypropylene (PP) is known for its high strength, but also for its recyclable properties. Disposable PP cutlery is therefore naturally unbreakable, resistant to shocks, water, and aromas and also to chemical products.

Plastic cutlery with a stainless steel look

For added elegance, you can also choose plastic cutlery with a stainless steel look. The design is the important point to remember in this model of disposable cutlery that MonoUso offers you.

Plastic cutlery kits

To simplify your life, buy plastic cutlery sets directly. By kit, you mean a spoon and fork, or sometimes add a knife. MonoUso offers a wide range of white or silver plastic cutlery sets to suit your preferences.

Disposable cutlery in bags

Otherwise, there is also the collection of disposable cutlery in bags. They are very practical; you only have to put them in the window of your establishment (company, restaurant, snack bar ...) so that others can help themselves.

Colored plastic cutlery

Color is a marketing option, but it also promotes appetite. This is very practical in schools or universities. In fact, kids love to eat when they are fascinated by what they see.

Plastic serving utensils

Service cutlery is one of the essential utensils. Discover several models also in MonoUso. Our collection of recyclable disposable cutlery (spoon, spatula, salad tongs, spoon and serving fork...) will delight you.

And disposable plastic snack cutlery

Don't forget the potato chips forks, plastic skewers, ice cream spoons, ice cream spoons... to serve at your snack. MonoUso has disposable cutlery, but also reusable cutlery. Help yourself!

Therefore, you will have everything you need in MonoUso. To brighten up your event, choose, for example, a disposable wedding cutlery tray in all colors.

Don't forget to choose a solid, disposable cutlery tray suitable for all dishes: fish, meat, vegetables, soups or roasts, etc. And above all, as far as possible, choose a recyclable disposable cover to preserve the environment at the same time.

Why wasting more time? Reserve your disposable cutlery now in MonoUso! Orders can be placed every day, anytime.

A team of professionals is also available 24 hours a day to advise and guide you in the purchase of disposable cutlery. If, for example, you need to personalize your disposable wedding cutlery, or if you want to match your disposable wooden cutlery with the image of your establishment, ask one of our advisors for order details. We will always be happy to serve you!

Contact us now!

Looking for a wide range of knives, forks and spoons? Our plastic and wood cutleries are essential products in the hotel industry.

We have excellent solutions for your meals to carry both in quality and functionality as our sets of cutlery, the most specific products of your company: mini plastic fork, ice cream spoons or small plastic spoons. In addition, if you are a private individual and want to give a touch of color to your disposable tableware for your holidays, here you will also find plastic cutlery or wood color.

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