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Hygiene and prestige is what gives a Chef's Hat to a good Chef. That's why MonoUso offers you a great variety of Chef's Hats so that the taste of each dish is reflected in the head of its creator. Adjustable to the contour of the head, you will be able to choose between chef's style hat, mesh hat with visor or the famous chamois hat, here you will find a great assortment of chef's hats ideal for every restaurant, event or occasion. 

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Did you know that high chef hats are shaped like this to determine status within the kitchen?
And did you know that this traditional one has come up against competition? Yes, the chamois or pirate-style chef's hat is being equated with the traditional chef's hat because of its modern use and style.

Within the culinary market and the restaurant industry, chef's hats are an essential part of a chef's uniform and it depends on them what image you project of your restaurant.

Chef hats, besides fulfilling hygienic functions such as: keeping your hair up and avoiding sweating to be a nuisance during the working day, give personality to whoever wears them. That's why MonoUso offers different models so that everyone has a chef's hat with which to identify.

Our hats are without a doubt:

Easily Adjustable
With your own style
If you're one of those who works in hot kitchens we want you to know that the classic tall chef's hat is one of your best options. Its tubular shape and the distance between the head and the end of the cap make it easier to sweat. You'll sweat less and everyone will know who's boss in the kitchen.

Visor and mesh chef hats are preferred by long-haired chefs and kitchen helpers. The cap's shape makes it easy to pick up and leaves the neck uncovered. It fits perfectly to the head, that's why customers who buy it are very satisfied. They literally say, "I keep moving and it never falls off, it's super comfortable and cool."

But if you're a modern day hardcore, a different chef and you like alternative airs, the hat you should buy is the pirate-style chef's hat or chamois. It is a head scarf that covers almost the entire forehead, which prevents sweating in this area. It is comfortable and modern and will give you a different style, being the king of the kitchen.

Choose the one that best suits your style and wear new hats!

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