Premium Paper Food Boxes

The Premium Cardboard Boxes are the ideal packaging for serving meals with a gourmet touch and without the characteristic fried taste of typical take-out establishments. These Food Packs, also known as Sushi Packs, will give a superior category to your culinary creations. Our Premium Cardboard Packages do not let grease or sauces get through the cardboard, so they will keep your customers' hands clean.

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The most chic take-out establishments are starting to use the Premium Cardboard Packages. These high-end Food Boxes offer clean, stylish service. Their black interior gives them sobriety while the exterior window allows customers to contemplate the culinary delights each package offers.

Our Premium Boxes are the perfect complement for serving gourmet salads, sushi or a variety of exotic foods. Without a doubt they become the best display of the food your business offers.

From Monouso we offer you different sizes of Premium Cardboard Boxes, so that you can offer different portions of food, depending on the number of guests. And if what you need is another type of food packaging for your business, don't hesitate to consult our sections on Plastic Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Aluminium Packaging, FOAM Thermal Packaging and Packaging for Take Away Services. Place your order now and you will receive it in less than 48 hours.

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