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At Monouso we have a wide range of professional products for ice cream parlours with which you can offer an excellent service on the premises, terrace and take away. Find a wide range of items for your ice cream parlour, with many references for you to choose the most suitable tubs, spoons and decorations for your business. We have ice cream cups, transparent and coloured, with and without lids, so that you can surprise your customers with great presentations, and all kinds of decorations! Cardboard and plastic tubs for terrace services and take-away. Also, to create ice cream balls, get our ice cream scoopers, the only spoons with which you can measure the exact amount you serve while getting perfect scoops.

  • Professional use
  • Variety of materials and sizes
  • Cakes, pies, cupcakes, custards, biscuits... a container for every dessert!
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What is the biggest problem with ice cream? Clearly, it's the challenge of keeping them at the right temperature so that they don't melt. That's why, as a general rule, our disposable ice cream containers are freezer-compatible and can withstand the cold perfectly well. Now that we have solved your biggest concern, let's take a look at the other advantages our products have for your business.

Ice cream containers

Let's start with the ice cream tubs, the must-have container in your establishment. The new ones are perfect for you! Their characteristics bring quality to your dessert service:

  • They are resistant to low temperatures
  • They respect the flavour of the food
  • They are easy to transport
  • They are stackable

We have a wide variety of sizes, styles and formats so that you can decide which one best suits the needs of your establishment. The plastic ones are completely transparent, while the cardboard ones are plain (white, kraft) or with different colourful prints (blue, yellow, green).

On our website you can find many kinds of disposable ice cream tubs for ice cream shops in different sizes, with or without lids, individual... all kinds!

Ice cream tubs large and small

In every shop with a good dessert menu it is usual to offer different sizes. At Monouso we know this and, for this reason, here you can find them in different capacities to meet all the needs of your establishment. The larger the container, the more ice cream it can hold and the more resistant it should be. In our online shop, quality is an essential requirement, and all our products are prepared to satisfy our customers' expectations to the maximum.

You can also choose between different styles of large containers, with the guarantee that they will always meet the two key requirements: resistance and safety for food consumption. Monouso's word!

Because it is important to offer different sizes in any ice cream parlour, we also have smaller ones. We have disposable ice cream tubs in different styles and sizes so that you can offer a variety of sizes to your customers: small, medium and large! What do you think? Your customers will be spoilt for choice.

Ice cream tubs with lids

These containers are especially safe because they prevent spills and stains. In addition, they keep the cold better and therefore maintain the perfect texture of your desserts for longer during transport. If you are one of those people who always get stained, you will understand your customers perfectly when they ask you to put lids on them.

And if you don't do it for them, do it for you. The better your dessert is preserved, the tastier it will be, the better your brand will be remembered in the minds of your customers and the sooner they will come back to visit your place. Success is guaranteed both in summer and winter.

They are not only ideal for take away... they are also ideal for delivery in your ice cream parlour or any business that serves these appetising desserts and needs a reliable container for 100% safe transport. In addition, the lid allows you to stack them in your deliveries.

The material is also a feature you can choose from: transparent PS, PP or PET, plain or coloured cardboard.

Ice cream parlour supplies

Buying non food supplies for ice cream parlours ensures you a number of advantages:

  • Easy to store
  • Practical for the shop and the customer
  • Recyclable and therefore sustainable
  • More economical options
  • Special designs for cold food preservation

They are comfortable for you and your customers, because they are light and resistant. Plus, if you're looking for eco-friendly alternatives, all our models are recyclable, and those made of cardboard are biodegradable. Just make sure you dispose of them in the appropriate containers for proper recycling. This way, after your use, they can have many other lives.

And we're not just talking about tubs and ice-cream cups, we have all kinds of spoons, decorations and scoops at your disposal. With our scoops, in addition to perfect presentations, you will be able to keep an exhaustive account of the quantities and portions of each of your sales. Very practical for serving in cones or cups.

For these and many other reasons, our customers choose them over other options.

Monouso, wholesale supplier of disposable products for ice-cream shops

Monouso is your supplier of ice cream packaging. In our online shop you can find your boxes to pack your desserts at the best price and, in addition, you can also buy ice cream tubs in quantity and take advantage of great discounts. Do you want to buy cheap ice cream tubs, in a totally online process and with guaranteed quality? You are in the right place!

At Monouso we are leaders in online sales of products like these. More than ten years in the sector endorse us. After all this time, we have the best suppliers and we can guarantee 24-hour delivery.

If you were looking for the perfect place to buy ice cream supplies such as containers or ice cream tubs, the best selling items in the category, you have found it. Get them at the best prices and take advantage of our quantity discounts on your wholesale purchases.

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