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Non woven Bags

Reusable Non-Woven Bags are an alternative to traditional plastic bags. They are perfect for both private and commercial use: gourmet shops, hotels, wine shops, pharmacies, among other businesses.

These Novotex Bags stand out for their heat-sealed finish and their reinforced handles that guarantee a comfortable, elegant and safe transport.

  • They are resistant
  • They are reusable
  • Wide variety of colours
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Customised TNT bags

Buying TNT fabric bags means opting for eco-friendly, durable alternatives that allow for maximum customisation. If you need to cover these needs, at Monouso you can buy a wide range of TNT bags wholesale at very competitive prices.

Monouso's non-woven bags are synonymous with bespoke options. TNT bags for birthdays, for fancy dress, for costumes... You can even find customised metallised TNT bags that give an original look to both businesses and individuals.

Among the models of these printed TNT bags you can find them with gusset at the base, with side gusset or without gusset. A versatility of copies that fits perfectly with the contents of these utensils. For example, you can buy non-woven bags ideal for transporting and presenting your restaurant's wine bottles.

Advantages of TNT bags

  • They are resistant
  • They are reusable: they can be used on countless occasions.
  • Wide variety of colours
  • A great tool for brands in promotional terms

Non woven bags with handles and die-cutting

At Monouso you can find cheap TNT fabric bags with long handles, with short handles and die-cut. Both the weight and shape of the contents and the importance of the aesthetic factor mean that having this wide range of handle options is a plus when choosing your best bag.

Reusable bags

You can find different variations of non-woven bags in our online shop with gusset, side gusset and no gusset. We also have models with striped effect, laminated and waterproof. You can get them all printed for a touch of personalisation.

You will have seen that we have different colours to suit your style, you will also find different sizes (small and large) at an unbeatable price to carry your bottles of wine or other objects.

Cloth bags

All models are suitable for you to personalise your cloth bags with advertising in the cheapest possible way. 400 units and more are screen printed. If you buy more than 3000 bags we manufacture with flexography. Personalise and make your bags more beautiful!

Get customisable non woven ecological bags with an elegant finish, resistant and reusable.

  • Cloth bags for greengrocers
  • Cloth bags for shops
  • Cloth bags for wine shops
  • Cloth bags for jewellery shops
  • Cloth bags for trade fairs

The fabric bags for fruit and vegetables are foldable and can be screen printed. Shop our wide range of TNT bags now!

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