Novotex Tablecloths

Novotex Tablecloths, made of polypropylene and different types of resin, are known as the TNT Tablecloths par excellence. These Disposable Tablecloths can be perfectly considered Reusable Tablecloths thanks to the fact that the materials with which they have been made allow them to be washed and ironed, repel dirt and provide a higher quality level than Traditional Paper Tablecloths.

On our website we offer you from Novotex Tablecloths to Reusable Tablecloths, Cut Tablecloths or Tablecloth Rolls. An extensive catalog of sizes, colors and shapes that will meet the needs of any professional in the Horeca Sector.

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Individual Novotex Tablecloth 30x40cm

Novotex Placemats are non-woven tablecloths, also known as Spunbond or Newtex placemats. These Novotex Disposable Tablecloths look similar to fabric and are reusable, as their quality allows them to be washed and ironed several times. However, MonoUso warns you that "due to their low price it is cheaper to throw them away than to wash them". These Disposable Tablecloths can be combined with Paper Ways and Coloured Napkins to offer a personalized and very attractive design.

Individual Reusable tablecloth 30x40cm

When Novotex technology adds more polypropylene and more layers of special resins, they make tablecloths of great rigidity, resistance and quality that are known as the Reusable Tablecloths. MonoUso offers you the opportunity to give a more exclusive service with this range of tablecloths that we could not consider Disposable. These Reusable Tablecloths with unique and surprising properties are waterproof and can decorate your table over and over again without suffering wear and tear. 

Novotex Pre-Cut Tablecloth 1,0x1,0m

Get unrivalled softness thanks to Novotex tablecloths, enjoy the softness of their fabric. Made of propylene with a mixture of different types of resin, you will achieve a high quality that the traditional tablecloths that everyone knows do not have. We also make your life easier by giving you these Novotex tablecloths cut to 1.0 x 1.0 metres, so that you can simply take them out of the box and put them on your table without doing anything else. Choose from our prints and a variety of colours, get the silk tablecloth you were looking for, you can treat it as a disposable tablecloth if you wish.

Novotex Tablecloth Roll 1,0x50m

The tablecloth is an essential part of any table. It gives it colour, vitality, style and class. In MonoUso we know this and that is why we present you the novotex tablecloths : a practical and elegant option to take care of the presentation of your tables.

Novotex Pre-Cut Tablecloth 1,2x1,2m

The delicacy and softness that these Novotex tablecloths offer you when it comes to enjoying the pleasure of sitting at the table is something that increases the desire to eat. Our non-woven tablecloths, made of propylene mixed with different types of resin, offer a quality far superior to any of the typical traditional tablecloths.

On our website you can find these Novotex Cut Tablecloths, measuring 1.2 x 1.2 metres, in a wide variety of colours and prints, all of which are ideal for dressing the table to your liking and offering the quality of silk in a disposable tablecloth format.

The Novotex Tablecloths have the clear objective to protect the table from food, humidity and the high temperature of the food, but also carry out an aesthetic and visual function, which consists of dressing your table in an elegant way and according to the act you’re carrying out.

Professionals often combine our TNT Tablecloths with our Airlaid Premium Napkins, Design Plates or Color Plates. You know what they say: "If you want to really know a person, sit at their table", so if you want to give an image of elegance, sophistication and good service, your table dressed with our Newtext Tablecloths will always be impeccable and will make a good impression.

What is a Novotex Tablecloth like?

Novotex Tablecloths are made of a special fabric made with a type of textile cotton and special resins that give looks and textures similar to fabric.

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