Novotex Tablecloths

Novotex Tablecloths, made of polypropylene and different types of resin, are known as the TNT Tablecloths par excellence. These Disposable Tablecloths can be perfectly considered Reusable Tablecloths thanks to the fact that the materials with which they have been made allow them to be washed and ironed, repel dirt and provide a higher quality level than Traditional Paper Tablecloths.

On our website we offer you from Novotex Tablecloths to Reusable Tablecloths, Cut Tablecloths or Tablecloth Rolls. An extensive catalog of sizes, colors and shapes that will meet the needs of any professional in the Horeca Sector.

The Novotex Tablecloths have the clear objective to protect the table from food, humidity and the high temperature of the food, but also carry out an aesthetic and visual function, which consists of dressing your table in an elegant way and according to the act you’re carrying out.

Professionals often combine our TNT Tablecloths with our Airlaid Premium Napkins, Design Plates or Color Plates. You know what they say: "If you want to really know a person, sit at their table", so if you want to give an image of elegance, sophistication and good service, your table dressed with our Newtext Tablecloths will always be impeccable and will make a good impression.

What is a Novotex Tablecloth like?

Novotex Tablecloths are made of a special fabric made with a type of textile cotton and special resins that give looks and textures similar to fabric.

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