Novotex Pre-Cut Tablecloth 1,2x1,2m

The delicacy and softness that these Novotex tablecloths offer you when it comes to enjoying the pleasure of sitting at the table is something that increases the desire to eat. Our non-woven tablecloths, made of propylene mixed with different types of resin, offer a quality far superior to any of the typical traditional tablecloths.

On our website you can find these Novotex Cut Tablecloths, measuring 1.2 x 1.2 metres, in a wide variety of colours and prints, all of which are ideal for dressing the table to your liking and offering the quality of silk in a disposable tablecloth format.

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    In this section we can get the Novotex tablecloth suitable for each room setting. These single-use tablecloths are ideal for covering the tables of restaurants or any type of premium class event. On our website you will be able to choose the right tablecloth for each setting.

    Are these Tablecloths?

    Our Novotex Tablecloths are known as Non-Woven Tablecloths, which, thanks to their composition of polypropylene with special resins, provide a texture that prevents dirt from adhering and allows them to be cleaned with wipes, washed and even ironed several times, even though they are considered disposable tablecloths, since due to their low price it is cheaper to throw them away than to wash them.

    These tablecloths are ideal to cover the tables in catering and restaurant rooms, you can cut them to the necessary size and configure as you want the design of your dining room.

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