Airlaid Premium Napkins

The texture of our Airlaid napkins will make you think that they are not paper napkins, but cloth napkins. These TNT napkins, made from cellulose fibers and natural latex, offer great consistency, extraordinary resistance, absorption capacity and are very pleasant to touch.

In different colors, prints and designs, MonoUso offers you a wide catalogue to decorate your table. To sum up, our Airlaid Premium Napkins can be considered as the natural substitutes for cloth napkins. Forget about laundries because these Disposable Napkins will save you time and money.

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Our Airlaid Premium Napkins are the most similar to Fabric Napkin paper product. The material used is Air Laid with a 60 g/m2 thickness. The use of paper is more economical and ecological than the use of cloth, as there is no washing or ironing costs. They are very popular at banquets, congresses and large events where taking care of the details is a guarantee of success. The texture of these TNT Napkins is very soft and they are characterized by exceptional consistency.

If you want to dress your restaurant with high quality napkins and perfect finishes, AirLaid Premium Napkins are definitely the ideal choice. It is the top range of the Elegant Disposable Napkins of the TNT family and in addition, they are available in a variety of colors. Also known as Dry Tissue Napkins, they have a soft touch and great absorption capacity. If you are looking for a plus of elegance for your premises, AirLaid Napkins will make your business even more exquisite.

The Airlaid Kangaroo Napkins are another demanded choice for the most demanding customers. They are the most elegant and functional TNT napkins. They merge Airlaid technology and can also carry cutlery inside. An aesthetic and very elegant solution. They are perfect for their touch and absorption, the most recommended choice to dress your restaurant and celebrate any type of event.

In this section you will find designs decorated with sober and elegant borders, with original and funny drawings, stripes or squares, etc. Choose the one you like best for your business and give your table the elegant touch that customers appreciate so much.

What is Airlaid?

Airlaid is known as the absorbent TNT whose main raw material is cellulose. This material has a high liquid absorption capacity, it is resistant to humidity, elastic, thermo-sealed and can be engraved.

What is made with Airlaid?

Airlaid is used to manufacture Disposable Napkins, Disposable Tablecloths, Cleaning Cloths, Disposable Clothing, Hand and Facial Cleaning Towels, Food Containers, etc.

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