Paper Cutlery Pocket Fold Napkin

The Kangaroo Cutlery Napkins avoid having to wrap the cutlery in a napkin, don't waste time putting the cutlery in your pocket and you will have your table service ready much faster and with a great touch of elegance. Try them, everything is ready in a second! In our catalogue you will find these Cellulose Kangaroos in different colours, designs and drawings, always playing with the complete combination of your table.

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The paper cutlery napkins are ideal for giving a sense of hygiene, cleanliness and distinction at events where elegance is reflected in the table and service.

These Kangaroo Napkins are characterized by their high absorption capacity and their softness to the touch. Another benefit of the Paper Kangaroos is their cutlery compartment, as it offers a cavity where the cutlery is presented inside, well fastened and protected.

These napkins are disposable kitchen accessories, so you don't have to wash or iron them, you can replace them and once they are finished, they can be put away, giving an exclusive service to each diner.

If you want to give a touch of elegance to your restaurant you should use the cutlery envelopes with napkins, with this type of napkins to put cutlery to achieve greater hygiene in your premises.

When people enter a restaurant that takes care of this type of detail, they will certainly appreciate it. The napkins to keep cutlery are a differentiating aspect in the catering industry can use these napkins to put cutlery thanks to the envelopes of napkins for cutlery, get in our store napkins to wrap cutlery and be the fastest in putting the table thanks to these covers for the cutlery.

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