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Wasara TableWare

Wasara is the result of the brilliant mind of renowned Japanese designer Shinichiro Ogata, who has managed to perfectly combine avant-garde style with eco-friendly materials. Made from biodegradable sugar cane bagasse, bamboo and wood pulp, each piece of Wasara tableware is a conscious fashion statement at the service of your culinary creations.

Imagine a table with organically designed plates, minimalist cups and disposable cutlery that combine Japanese sophistication with a contemporary twist. Wasara tableware captures the essence of elegance and functionality in every detail. It transforms any occasion, from formal dinners to informal gatherings, with its refined aura!

  • Unique and thoughtful design
  • Perfect for your most special events
  • Sustainability and environmental commitment
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Wasara: harmony between aesthetics and sustainability

Wasara disposable tableware combines elegance and sustainability in its design. Created by the renowned Japanese designer Shinichiro Ogata, this range of tableware stands out for its biodegradable and compostable materials, such as sugar cane bagasse, bamboo and wood pulp.

  • Sustainability: Ecological and compostable tableware.
  • Elegant design: Refined style with organic and minimalist shapes.
  • Quality and functionality: Durability and practicality in every disposable item.
  • Cultural connection: Inspired by Japanese culinary tradition.
  • Environmental commitment: Responsible manufacturing and promotion of conscious consumption.

The beauty of Wasara tableware lies in its simple, organic design, which adds a refined touch to any table. The disposable plates, cups, glasses and cutlery fuse Japanese aesthetic sophistication with minimalist, contemporary style. Each piece captures the essence of elegance and functionality, making it perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal.

Japanese sophistication in every piece: Wasara Tableware

The attention to detail and the search for harmony and peace are reflected in the name "Wasara". The combination of "wa", which stands for harmony and Japanese tradition, with "sara", meaning plate or tray, conveys the idea of dishes that are perfectly in line with traditional and sustainable values.

Although the name itself has no specific meaning, it evokes a connection to Japanese culture and reflects the intention to promote an environmentally friendly dining experience.

Conscious culinary experience with Wasara tableware

In addition to its attractive design, Wasara stands out for its commitment to sustainability. By using natural and compostable materials, this tableware decomposes easily after use, avoiding the accumulation of plastic waste. Furthermore, it is produced in an environmentally friendly way, minimising the impact on natural resources.

Mainly made from sugar cane bagasse, a by-product of sugar production, Wasara tableware is biodegradable, compostable and sustainable and its main objective is to promote a culture of responsible consumption and reduce the environmental impact of disposable products. By choosing biodegradable and compostable materials, it avoids the accumulation of plastic waste, encouraging a more sustainable approach to the use of tableware at events and special occasions.

Wasara has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative approach and commitment to the environment. If you are looking for a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional plastic tableware, Wasara is the ideal choice and can be found in our disposable tableware catalogue.

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