Wasara TableWare

The Wasara Tableware is an exceptional disposable tableware, we find Biodegradable Designer Plates, and very high quality. All the products that make up the Wasara Dinnerware, Sugar Cane Plates, Organic Biodegradable Cups, the Single Use Bags and the Bagasse Compostable Trays are all 100% natural products designed by the great Shinichiro Ogata. We are in front of an Ecological Japanese Design Tableware, exclusive and incredible.

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    The Wasara Disposable Dinnerware is a Biodegradable and Compostable Dinnerware, with a very refined minimalist design, this Disposable Dinnerware, made with a combination of cane, bamboo and bagasse, you can find it in several sizes and formats for all kind of measures: big or small plates, glasses, cups, bowls, all of them at a very reasonable price.

    This 100% ecological dinner service has avoided synthetic products, resins and colourings in its composition. With a soft touch, this Wasara tableware resists the heat and cold of food and is totally biodegradable, the ideal solution for family events, barbecues, birthday parties or picnics.

    Does this biodegradable tableware comply with the Closed Cycle concept?

    The destination of all Disposable Tableware is usually recycling, but in this case our Wasara Disposable Tableware can be considered a Reusable Tableware, which with use and degradation will biodegrade to minimize the burden on the environment.

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