Plastic Food Cones

The Plastic Mini Tasting Cones are the most modern, casual and casual Catering Accessories you will find now in the market. These Plastic Mini Cones go from being the supports of churros and fried foods on a large scale, to become the protagonists of the most sophisticated events, presenting small culinary delights, worthy of the best chef.

Our Mini Catering Cones combine with everything and will be perfect supporting actors in your events, leaving all the protagonism to the food they present.

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    Food Serving Cones are the oldest and most modern food supports we know. If decades ago paper cones served as packaging to sell churros, chips, chicken balls or cheese sticks, today they have reduced their shape, evolved their design and are made of Polystyrene, a highly resistant plastic that gives them shine and consistency.

    Thanks to the Plastic Cone Holders you can present the appetizers in a group way, so that all diners can select their Mini Disposable Cone and enjoy the culinary delights they offer.

    These Mini Catering Cones are ideal for professional catering being widely used in bars, outdoor events or street food. These Plastic Cones are specially indicated for parties or events in garden areas where they will give an exotic touch to the event.

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