Kraft Paper Bags

American Paper Bags are the most typical and used disposable paper bags in the industry. They are American Bottom Bags, very common in the United States, whose base is rectangular and their volume is very deep. These Disposable Bags are also known as SOS Paper Supermarket Bags.

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Made of cellulose paper or kraft paper, SOS Supermarket Disposable Bags offer high weight resistance and are ideal for grocery stores, they are the typical bags of super Americans.

These Disposable Paper Bags, also called SOS Bags (Self Opening System) have a rectangular bottom or base and side folds called gussets that allow easy opening and a large volumetric capacity.

Our Paper Bags are made using recyclable and biodegradable raw materials, thus reducing their environmental impact. The use of recyclable paper reduces unnecessary tree felling and the use of biodegradable raw materials avoids pollution.

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