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Buying American paper bags is to go for the most typical and most used in the whole sector. The SOS bag is a type of paper bag commonly used in grocery shops and other retail establishments in the United States and, thanks to its practicality, its use has spread throughout the world to facilitate the use of paper bags in shops.

They are known as SOS paper grocery bags.

  • Rectangular base and elegant design
  • High volume and strength
  • Versatility: for all types of businesses
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American kraft paper bag

We have seen them many times in Hollywood films: the protagonist at a petrol station, buys a bottle of brandy... and voilà! The alcoholic beverage is wrapped in an American-style paper bag. However, American bags are something of a myth and are actually one of the most useful types of gusseted bags on the market. Do you want to know why?

Made of cellulose or kraft paper, the American kraft paper bag is one of the most versatile solutions for all types of businesses. However, it is in food and hospitality where it shines the most.

Some of the reasons why American kraft paper bags are a top product:

  • They offer high strength to weight
  • Compatible for food contact
  • Gusseted to contain larger products
  • Elegant design with natural tones to convey a sense of craftsmanship
  • Eco-friendly, fully recyclable and biodegradable bags

Now do you understand why this is one of the top choices on the market today?

Paper gusset bag

If there is one thing that defines gusseted bags, it is their ability to hold larger products than they would normally hold. And we say normally because at first glance these kraft paper g usseted bags appear small and intended only for carrying small portions of orders or small purchases.

However, when large quantities of contents are placed in them, their gusset opens and their capacity increases dramatically.

In this product category you will find several references of side gusset bags, which will allow you to offer your customers a solution for any kind of situation: you will be able to offer them as gusset bags, due to their capacity and compatibility with food contact.

Ecological gusset bag

An ecological gusseted bag is considered to be a product that not only offers solutions to increase capacity, but also has sustainable properties for the ecosystem. Therefore, our American gusseted bags are 100% ECO, due to their capacity to be recycled, composted and, above all, their biodegradable capacity.

If you want to convey a sustainable message to your customers, these recyclable gusseted bags are the perfect solution.

SOS Bags

Cheap American paper bags are also called SOS(self opening system) bags due to the aforementioned side gussets, but also due to their rectangular bottom or base which allows for easy opening and a large volumetric capacity, as well as the ability to stand upright when the contents allow it.

This capacity makes this product the perfect paper grocery bags, as customers will appreciate both the capacity and the stability offered by the bottom (especially when the trolley is heavily loaded).

More than American bags and gusseted bags

Have you got your shopping sorted? It only remains for us to remind you that at Monouso we have a catalogue that covers many types of paper bags. A clear example would be the paper bags, perfect for bulk products or small details.

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