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These Thermal Menu Packs manage to maintain the temperature of the food, in addition the properties of FOAM make these Single Use Packs avoid the transfer of flavours between foods, thanks to its different sections.

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Thermal Menu Packages are perfect in any take-away or take-along establishment. These Disposable Menu Boxes offer several compartments in which to separate the different dishes so that a complete menu can be served on a convenient tray with a lid.

These Disposable Menu Packs are the best thing that exists to keep the food warm and above all to prevent the customer from burning himself once he takes the tray. They are made of FOAM and this material has two main properties, the first is that it prevents the heat from coming out of the container, thus preventing the food from losing its heat, and therefore, preventing the food from getting cold. The second property of FOAM is closely linked to the first one, and it is that as it holds the heat inside it prevents the outside of the container from getting hot so we avoid the customer from burning his hands when he takes the Menu FOAM Container.

Don't think twice about it, because if you have a Take Away business or a take away business, buying disposable FOAM containers has never been easier, now you can improve your business with a few clicks. Also benefit from our advantages, such as shipping packages in 24-48 hours after purchase, being that shipping is free, that's why and because we have the best pre-sale and post-sale service in the whole Internet so we can ensure that we are the best online store in our sector. And remember that buying with Monouso is synonymous with quality, peace of mind and above all, trust.

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